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We have to investigate the request or Rehabilitation Center in Punjab. The best rehabilitation focus in Punjab is the best spot to treat drug addicts and heavy drinkers. Now and again evolving lives, individuals are presently drawing near to drugs. This is a noteworthy worry for our general public. Individuals don’t understand the significance of sound life. They acquire their lives the track in the brief timeframe. This is the motivation behind why everybody picks our Rehabilitation Center in Punjab. There are unique however modified projects for some rehabilitation addictions, yet you will most likely locate the best rehabilitation focus in Punjab and the rate of progress on past achievement in our association.

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Life is intense and to be able to giggle at it is harder, yet hardest is appreciate it without coming in the hold of any indecencies. Tragically, this adage would not conform to a decent level of occupants of Punjab and Haryana as they are winding up in drug and liquor addiction.

“This is my biography. A story wherein, I surrendered to drugs without understanding the reflexes of it. I am a drug someone who is addicted, I have been taking a drug named poppy grass just about 4 kgs consistently for as long as 12 years. My income has misused, my wellbeing has deteriorated, and my family has repudiated me. But now I need to dispose of my propensity”. These were the expressions of Dayanita Singh, a rancher, who came to look for a haven in the Drug-De-addiction Center kept running by the Punjab State Red Cross at Khanpur, Ropar District, Punjab. The Center has given him another life by giving him a free treatment for one month incorporating yoga treatment, drug and advising administrations. He is chipper and determined and could never attempt to discover comfort in drugs.

Government Approved Rehabilitation Center in Punjab

Such stories have turned into a typical marvel in the States of Punjab and Haryana, as the quantity of drug and liquor addicts are expanding step by step. Measurements are similarly disturbing that men, ladies, and youth in enormous numbers are attempting drugs and are being gotten in the interlacing addiction. The explanation behind drug-misuse fluctuates, some state this is a direct result of evolving financial conditions (opening up of the economy, development of discretionary cash flow, presentation, globalization), for some this is a direct result of effectively accessible, for couple of its because of expanded depression and stress and for the rest it is because of the situating of the States, which are close to the International border.

Sushant Kumar Sharma, 26 years of age, a prisoner with the Red Cross Drug-De-addiction Center in Punjab was at one point of time a drug seller. He lived vigorously by sniffing smack practically day by day. He shared that “Drugs of wide assortments are accessible like maryjane, cocaine, opium, poppy-grass, smack and so on. Rare sorts of people who are shy of cash go for ether, white-liquid, soul or over-measurements of make and some who achieves the outrageous stage end up taking a reptile, crushing it in the water and drinking its venom”. On asking how he feels as soon he’ll be free from drug addiction. He says “When I joined the Center I was rough, it was hard for me to live without drugs and I used to hit individuals. Yet, the staff at the Center were quiet with me and helped me a great deal. Presently I would go to far away spot and begin another life and could never take drugs in future”.

Drug De-addiction Center in Punjab

The drug-misuse is being given a due consideration by the Government of Punjab and the State Branch of Red Cross is likewise putting its earnest attempts in battling against the threat, by running the Drug De-addiction Center in Punjab (Ropar), Patiala, Gurdaspur, Dahan Kaleran (Distt. Nawan Shahar) and Counseling Center at Chandigarh. The addicts are sans given treatment, Yoga Therapy and advising administrations to develop a solid resolution to desist the hankering for drug misuse. Family guiding administrations by qualified Psychiatrists are provided to the addicts to empower them to beat their addiction. Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab

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