4 Cs of Marketing inthe 21st Century

4 Cs of Marketing inthe 21st Century

Content is available in a wide range of forms in digital space. The information on web pages, documents, video, conversations and images (blogs, forums and social media platforms). Here are some of the major Cs of marketing in the digital era which ismentioned below-


Whether your business is B2C or B2B, the major aim is to serve both clients and customers well. The major objective of content marketing is to make prospects aware of a specific product, service or idea for motivating them to make a buying decision. Therefore, a flawless piece of content needs to be aimed at the pain points and needs of customers. Robert Half had once remarked, ‘’ when your customer comes first, the customer will last.’’ Whether you’re planning your marketing strategy as a provider of SEO services in Noida for your niche, your starting point should be customers and their needs. For developing better content, design customer personas, at least 4 types. They need to guide you about the tone, mix, style, type, and best channel.

Company and Competition

During the planning exercise, you need to decide whether your company has the necessary resources to perform suggested exercises. Can it supply the required resources for marketing? Does the company enjoy technical expertise in the specific area you are going to create? Do you want your business to go global or focus in the local market? To answer this question, ’’SWOT’’ analysis is a very useful tool. It should guide you about the strengths, weaknesses, areas where improvement needs to be made, opportunities, and possible threats from the market players.

You will also have to plan the program’s feasibility and mention the resources which will be necessary. The SWOT needs to be cover ‘’Competition’’ analysis and also a guiding factor which helps you to perform more satisfactorily. Competition’s practices are a major source of help for startup campaigners since they can follow their inspiration.

One additional tip experts have for some demanding bosses and clients who are not wise in allocating budgets. When you prepare the ‘resources required’ documentand add a column of ‘desired resources’ also. This will tell you that we have ‘’Option A’’, however because of our financial position, we are going for ‘’Option C’’. It will make your case more logical and help them understand your position and need for these resources.


Context is a vital aspect of all types of marketing. It helps marketers to understand whether the concept of the content they have developed will gain acceptance or not. To do this, we have a measurement tool called “PEST analysis” which helps in understanding the contextual issues related to politics, economics, social and technology. These issues are used to utilized to assess the market for any business. You will need to know if there are limitations caused by-

  • Political factors: legal issues, trade regulations, taxation & labor laws
  • Economic factors: overall economic growth, the cost associated with doing business, etc.
  • Social factors: demographics, religion, faith and culture, cultural sensitivities
  • Technological factors: newest tools, cost, the impact of their installation, etc.

Your idea of content can be awesome. However, it may create a political or cultural issue which may be detrimental for your business. So, your content strategy needs to address contextual factors and guide them.


The fourth C of content marketing is ‘conversation’. An effective content strategy should focus on developing conversation. As I noted in my previous article; content production scaled up by 35% last year but engagement level dropped by 17%. Therefore, marketers need to migrate towards engaging content instead of quality content. Why? Simply because of ‘conversation’ factor.

The ultimate objective of any content is to start a conversation with prospects and engage them with the idea. Let them play with the concept and come back to you with a convinced mind that they need your product, service, or idea. Obviously it’s not going to be an easy path to travel on; you might have to change the entire thought process but when you’re done with it, it’ll definitely guide you to the right direction.

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