4 Things to Know about Summer Tires

Summer tires can handle more heat and wear less at high temperature. Do you think you know everything about summer tires? Think again!

What’s the idea behind a summer tire? It’s to get the optimal performance in the warm and dry conditions. In case the road is wet, many would perform acceptably as well. Since the summer tires are made up of a softer rubber compound, that’s the reason why they have a good grip and can be used in performance vehicles as well. It’s imperative to understand that if summer tires are softs, every tire has the specific temperature range at which it can perform best. When the temperature drops, the summer tires are very much firm and won’t even provide the optimum traction.

As compared to the all-season or winter tires, the summer tires have less tread typically. Summer tires have compounds that can handle more heat while wearing less. Here’re a few things you should know about the summer tires. So let’s dive in;

Shallow Tread

When looking at the summer tires, you might have thought that the tires are bald. Well, that’s not the case. The summer tires are designed in a way so that they show a shallow tread. It means that a driver won’t have enough grip and traction he/she tries to drive the car on the snowy or icy surface.

Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend replacing the tires when the weather changes. With shallow treads, driving in wet conditions can get dangerous. If you drive during a storm, the existing grooves will shed water. But when the water level gets dangerously high, the chances of hydroplaning get high.

More Contact with Pavement

This is amongst the most positive things about the summer tires. Manufacturers have designed the summer tires in a way that they can have more physical contact with the road surface. Inevitably, the driver feels more connected to the road while angling through curves or perhaps cruising down. Frankly, many of you prefer such experiences while embarking upon the summer road trip. For smooth and dry roads, this is particularly ideal.

Better Handling Experience

Keep in mind! The summer tires are known to offer the best handling experience. And you won’t say No if you have already used it or perhaps are using is now even. Due to being serviceable in performance during light winter and warm months, the all-season tires might handle comfortably to some extent.

But honestly, you often have to sacrifice precision and braking. But for obvious reasons, you can’t expect the same performance of summer tires as you do from All-season tires. Summer tires don’t last as long as all-season tires due to swallow tread. When it comes to the optimal performance and better handling in the hot summer, nothing could be better than the summer tires.


Since the summer tires can help get a better and smooth drive in summers, you’ll come at a cost. As compared to other tires like all-season, you’ll have to pay more for these tires. If you are concerned about getting the best performance and safe drive in the summer from your Dunlop tyres, the extra cost is undoubtedly worth the benefits you’re getting out of it.

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