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4 Types of Vehicle Damage That May Cost You a Lot

Nothing is eternal in this world. Everything can break one day including your car. Of course, there are many services that offer repairs and if you really want it and aren’t limited on your budget, everything that can’t be fixed, can be replaced. 

However, there are specific types of damage that may put you in front of a decision hard to make. They require very difficult and multi-level repair which is also very expensive. A decision, in this case, will much depend on how important this vehicle is to you. Sometimes, the damage is practically irreparable.

Therefore, you should know the types of damage after which your car will never be the same again. In the cases described below, the only way for it is to be sold is as a junk car for cash, or even for parts. It’s sad but that’s life.

Types of Critical Car Damage

The following conditions have terminal consequences for the vehicle and even if you try to fix them, the car may still have problems. Or it will simply be so expensive that a purchase of another vehicle will be a more profitable option.

Frame damage

A car’s frame is the most expensive part of the vehicle. Damage to the frame is literally the worst thing that can happen. The frame is calculated to undergo a certain strain with great accuracy and perfect adjustment. A strong impact may damage it, and even if you try to repair it (which will cost you a fortune), the vehicle will lose its initial strength forever. Frame damage will also negatively affect the suspension and handling.

Automatic transmission damage

An automatic transmission is a blessing unless it’s damaged. It helps the driver so much but it’s a very complicated system that is very difficult to repair. And the repair is very expensive. It will be much easier and cheaper to sell the car and buy a new one.

Engine damage

An engine is also a very complicated and expensive detail. The increased waste of oil, an exhaust with black or blue smoke, increased fuel consumption, and the absence of traction means that your car needs a major repair. It will require a lot of time, effort and expenses. In several cases, for example, if the problem is with the cylinder block, the entire engine needs to be overhauled. It’s just not worth it.

Flooded car

If your vehicle has become a victim of a flood, it has a whole bunch of problems. The main one is the electronic system. It would have been much easier if the damaged part could be fixed but in this case, the entire system is affected. It is very difficult to repair all the issues. 

Of course, if it’s a classic car, or simply a vehicle you love, you can try to save it. But think well whether the expenses are worth it. And, of course, don’t wait for wonders – this car will never be like it was before. This is why if you find any of the damages mentioned above, it’s time to think about a new vehicle.

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