4 Ways to Sustain your Employees for Long!

4 Ways to Sustain your Employees for Long!

As the older generations are departing and a new generation is taking over individuals are getting eager to explore different things and companies are suffering from short-tenured employees. Previously it was observed that a baby boomer would stay with a company for twenty years but now a new generation would barely stay for a year or two. Why is this so? What has changed over the years? Does it have to do something with corporate culture, environment, and facilities they are providing? Or the individuals have developed a new mindset?

The idea of working for a single employer is exterminating in today’s business world. Bureau of labor statistics that the new working generation has an average of 11.7 jobs. Around 27 percent of people are switching their jobs every year which push employers to entitle them with “job hoppers”. Job hoppers are basically those people who seek out another job besides investing and growing themselves within a single company. However now companies are willing to invest more in the inexperienced fresh recruits rather than the experienced hoppers.

Well, we are going to discuss a few key points which can help you to get the best out of your employees.

Appreciate the Entrepreneurial Activities Among Employees:

Most of the companies are failing to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the employees. Rather they are confining them to a box and are killing their creativity and plaguing their skills. It is one of the reasons why employees start looking for better opportunities which allow them to explore their creative instinct and make them challenge their boundaries. But the reality is that a true entrepreneur will leave the company no matter how great is his/her position in the company.

Companies who aren’t willing to let their employees go will try to make them familiar with the growth and development prospects within the company. Hult International Business School defined an Entrepreneurial mindset as “People who have an irresistible appetite to do something unique and have a special talent of coming up with amazing ideas.”

A recruiter of the leading digital agency told that they hire people hungry for growth, development, and learning. Who try to go out of the box to perform even a simple task.

Invest in Your Employees’ Development:

We all have heard it before “Your business is only as strong as your weakest link” which makes investing in employees development a necessity for every business. Gallup stated that 87% of the millennial greatly value the professional growth and development opportunities yet around 74% feel that they are not utilizing their full potential and feel like getting wasted for few bucks.

When an organization spends on the development of its employees, the employees feel valued and their loyalty towards the organization increases. They enjoy working and invest more in work to produce better results in order to prove their metal. Investing in employees doesn’t always have to do with financials, sometimes it’s as simple as opening lines of communication, or giving them a major responsibility, or just making them feel acknowledged or letting them choose projects of their own interests. It can be providing them with the best of the facility which helps them in better productivity. If you want to provide your employees with the best of the internet. Several internet providers are striving to provide businesses exclusive packages which provides great speeds and reliability at reasonable prices.

Co-founder of Rizknows and The Slumber believe that the best investment in employees is empowering them with responsibility and giving them full control over a campaign or project. This makes them feel like they are going to impact big and will try their best to bring better results.

Promoting open communications:

Effective communication is the key to success. Organizations sometimes take it for granted and doesn’t allow the employees to provide their input in affairs of the company. A flat hierarchy and reducing the barrier of micromanagement can create a sense of loyalty among the employees. CEO of TransPerfect told that “Employees are loyal when they feel comfortable and connected to the management of the organization.” A closely knit net of all the employees and management can lead to better confidence in the company’s policy. Keeping all the employees involved in all the on-going projects keeps them motivated and give a boost to their trust.

Keep them motivated with generous gestures:

Praising someone’s hard work with a little piece of reward can prove out to be very fruitful. Giving out praises and rewards can build a sustainable culture. It also brings competition within the individuals and motivates them to perform even better. The Founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing told that I believe in treating my employees as humans rather than as machines. I try to appreciate their work and efforts from day to day basis to keep them motivated and driven.

It is a proven fact that companies who invest in their employees’ growth, development and facilities can sustain them for years and years. And will create a credibility among individuals.

Author Bio:Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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