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5 of the Biggest Brake Fluid Questions Answered

It’s obvious brake fluid play a significant role in keeping you safe behind the wheel which makes it important to know about basic maintenance. Understanding the subject can surely help you avoid roadside dangers making it easier to maintain good condition of the car. Here’s all that you’re probably unfamiliar with!

  1. What Brake Fluid Do For You?

Hydraulic power stops the car on its track. When brake pedals are pressed, the hydraulic fluid is pushed down to activate the brake pads which either slow or stop the vehicle, depending on the force you just applied.

This hydraulic or brake fluid keeps the braking mechanism functional which also acts as lubricant with additional anti-corrosive properties to keep the entire brake system healthy. Its chemical composition is made to suit the rubber elements in the hose and seal used in the braking system.

In case of any noticeable brake fluid leak, your first priority should be stop driving that specific vehicle and have the system inspected by a professional technician.

  1. Why it Deteriorate in the First Place?

Over time, brake/hydraulic fluid soak up water and debris from the hoses, joints and pipes it comes in contact with which is why it doesn’t last forever. All this eventually raises the fluid level which consequently drops the boiling temperature thereby rendering the brake system ineffective.

Its obvious brakes are less responsive the more the water’s collected in the actual brake fluid. And when brakes are applied, the driver’s likely to feel a typical spongy sensation which on worsening can completely compromise the braking mechanism. It’s obvious less responsiveness increases safety risk on the road which you simply couldn’t ignore.

  1. What to do When Brake Warning Lights Flares?

In case of any particular problem with the brake fluid, the first warning sign appears on the dashboard via brake warning light. Take for instance a leak in the hydraulic fluid or any other such as pressing the brakes more than usual or sensing the pedal makes you feel at doubt are a few indications of compromised brake system. If for some reason the lights on the dashboard don’t flare, it probably mean something’s wrong that need to be fixed.

  1. How Often to Change the Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid in the car needs to be changed after a year or two whereas almost every week or month in some particular vehicle models, especially those driven the most and in filthier environment. Such details are available in the vehicle’s user-guide else you can query the customer representative for the car lease in Bahrain. Scheduling frequent maintenance would ensure overall vehicle safety including that of the braking mechanism.

  1. What’s the Most Suitable Brake Oil?

User manual which is specific to every car model and make is the best source to consult about vehicle’s compatibility be it braking system or any other. Premium brake fluids are much preferred however they’re expensive. You may go with the normal alternative however they need to be changed maximum after two years.

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