#5 Powerful Content Marketing Strategies for Upcoming 2019

The world of marketing is continuously evolving. As new tools and technologies are coming up in never-ending succession, innovative minds are putting in new spins to old tactics. As a result, the bar keeps rising higher and the audience get exposed to an ever-increasing volume of content.

Inspite of the ever-changing feature of the marketing world, one thing is assured. Content marketing is just going to stay. In fact, it just won’t stay but experts opine, the industry will expand hugely as compared to its current dimension in the coming years.

As the industry is predicted to expand, industry insiders predict the following content marketing strategies to get popular in 2019.

  • Content marketing to be a part of main stream marketing: Content marketing – in contrast to other kinds of marketing – is a new phenomenon. Even in the recent past marketers handled content writing as secondary projects. They used to handle it in their spare time. This approach has now changed and now brands are more interested in content marketing than ever because they feel it’s an excellent way to open two-way communication channel with their audience. Content plays a crucial role in almost every kind of marketing that exist today. Content itself is a robust tool for businesses to build trust and brand credibility along with generating site traffic and quality leads. In short, it provides all the vital elements that are required to drive a business to success.
  • Need for a comprehensive content marketing strategy: As content marketing attains increasing level of maturity, content itself is proving to be a smart tool that helps businesses achieve specific goals. You need to have a guiding strategy to maximise the effectiveness of content. A smart content strategy strategy also helps securing audience engagement. Different businesses have different goals and priorities. Thus content strategies for different businesses need to be customised to cater to their unique needs. However, certain aspects like thought leadership, SEO and lead generation are common for almost every business.
  • Businesses securing for customers the maximum value from purchases: A smart and effective content marketing caters to different needs of a business. Brand managers mold content to reflect goodwill and authority. Sales personnel’s use content to bolster their sales pitches. HR professionals use content to attract talents. Apart from the points mentioned above, content is gradually opening up the door to help customers secure the highest value from their products and services. Those days are over when making a sale was enough and then you just moved on to the buyer. Back at that time, you attended to complaints on when they arose. In contrast to that, now businesses have to secure that customers get the maximum value from their purchases. This helps spreading word-of-mouth marketing, which develops stronger bond between businesses and their customers. latest content marketing strategy in use
  • Changed shape of the marketing funnel: As one of the latest content marketing strategies, experts opine the marketing funnel is likely to change its shape in the immediate future. The funnel is going to act more like a continuous cycle to bolster never-ending relationships and engagement between business and customers. The priority will be on attending customers in the post-sale period, so that a customer stays loyal and buys from the brand again in the course of time. Moreover, customers can also recommend a product or service to their friends and peers. Content is the tool that is potential enough to convert a brand from vendor to partner.
  • Distribution will hold the key to success: Content distribution is expected to be the key element for every reliable content marketing strategy. Social media and email marketing are both relevant. But as businesses will need to discover the appropriate distribution channel for their respective audience, they have to focus more on content distribution.

DubSEO is a reliable SEO Services brand in London. Experts associated with it add, brands have to be more and more creative as well as pro-active in getting their content before the right audience. Without a robust and comprehensive distribution system, your content won’t be able to cut much ice even if it is of the best quality.

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