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5 Reasons To Have a City Centre Wedding

How do you decide where to get married? Do you stay close to home and where you both live or venture out to a country estate? Where you decide to hold your wedding will have a big impact on your guests, your suppliers and the wedding itself so make sure to do your research. Here are our 5 best reasons to hold your wedding in the city.


This reason is twofold. For one, it can be a lot of hassle for your guests to travel to your wedding, It might mean they have to take additional time off work to stay the night before or night after the big day. When your wedding venue is in a remote area, it can be impossible to get to without driving. What about guests who don’t drive? it’s a huge expense for them getting a train or bus with all of their luggage to the closest town and a taxi to the venue. City locations definitely have more accessible transport options, reducing hassle for your friends and family and giving them the option of going home after.

Also, it’s less hassle for you! It can be very stressful for couples trying to arrange a wedding at a distance, especially if the church you want to get married in is far from your venue. You won’t want to be transported from A to B in your dad’s old Opel Corsa, so you’ll have to hire an expensive car for a long drive to your luxury country location. City Weddings usually cost less in transport for the couple as well as the guests.


If you want to make sure your wedding is practically perfect in every way, you’ll need to have a hand in the organising. If you live close to the city and opt for a city wedding, you can pop into the hotel any time you like for a coffee, a meal or a walk around the area, scouting places you’d like to feature in your pictures.

When you get married in a city you are familiar with, your wedding supplier options will triple. Many suppliers charge a lot for delivery to countryside locations or refuse to travel leaving you with a lot of supplies to transport. Opting for a city wedding means you can use local and trusted suppliers, everything from flowers and cakes to hair and make-up on the morning of. 

Urban Chic

It’s unlikely that any wedding venue in the city can rival the natural beauty that you find in countryside locations but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some fantastic wedding photos in the city. Having your wedding in a city location can offer a huge variety of choices when it comes to unique surroundings. Use the city as a backdrop for some unusual pictures, maybe incorporating local sights, pubs and even graffitied walls for a more edgy wedding album. 

Using Leopold Sheffield as your wedding venue means you get a perfect combination of Grade II listed former grammar school with 19th-century elegance and architectural detail and contemporary interior design so you have the best of both.


Usually, city hotel wedding packages are smaller than their country counterparts, owing to lack of space. This means your wedding will be a more intimate affair, affording you the opportunity to enjoy spending time with each of your guests rather than being greeted by a mob. Leopold Sheffield Wedding planners guarantee that you are the only wedding held on the premises on any given day making sure you have all of the attention and dedicated service your wedding deserves

Hotel Wedding Packages 

With fewer guests and more flexibility in your choices, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of reasonable wedding packages, even in a large city. City venues often offer discounted rates for midweek weddings, winter weddings and packages can be customised to suit the size of your wedding. 

Katie McGarr is a resident writer for Leopold Hotel Sheffield, a four-star accommodation in Sheffield making it the only historic four-star boutique hotel in the City. Katie has been a lifelong writer who provides honest information and tips about travelling. When she is not in the mood to write you can find her binge-watching her favourite Game of Thrones episodes. 

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