5 Situations in Which the Landlord has to Pay the Tenant

Usually, the tenant has to pay to his landlords for living in his property space and signing a contract with him. There are some situations where the tenant will not but rather landlord has to pay the tenant some amounts. Let’s have a discussion on these five situations where the landlord will have to pay to the tenant.

Repairing Amount To Tenant

Tenant lives in the property of the landlord and used his space for living and work in day to day activities. The landlord requires a landlord safety certificate for assurance. In some situations, the houses rented may need renovation or repairing. The renovation may be needed because the house is too old and wall paints have curb out and pipes are leaking or any other maintenance issue can be required for renovation. The second reason can be due to any unexpected damage occur due to heavy rainfall, storms, or tree falling. In such situations of renovation and repairing, not the tenants, but rather landlord will have to pay for repairing and renovation. They can either hire workers themselves or ask a tenant to do the job and payment will be given to him. Or he can ask the tenant not to pay rent for several months and utilize rental money for the repairing and renovation.

Overpriced Security Deposit Refund

There are situations in which the landlord asks for the security deposit from the tenant. Every country has its laws regarding security deposit fee charge. When landlord overcharged or overpriced the security fee then the overpriced fee will have to be given back to the tenant. The refund of overtaken money is given back to the tenant or renter.

Move Out Cash

There are some rules in all the countries regarding the rental contract between the renters and landlords. Sometimes, the violation occurs from the side of the landlords. In this situation, the landlord will have to give a move out of cash to the occupant. For example; the resident has given the rent of one year in advanced, after four or seven months landlord ask the resident to leave a space. In this situation, a dispute may occur between the two. The case may go to the court for its solution if not sort out between the two cooperatively. In this situation, the landlord has to pay the move out cash to the occupant.

Damaged Award To Tenant

In the situation of any damaged caused by the landlord to the assets, property and material things of the tenants. The landlord has to pay to the tenant for his compensation. For example; any property damaged occur during the dispute between the two then landlord will have to pay to the tenant if the mistake did is by the landlord.

Tenant Court Cost

In a situation of a clash between the tenant and landlord, the case went to the court. All the amount spent by the tenant for hearing and lawyer fee is to be paid by the landlord. The landlord will bear all the expense of the court or he will give the payment to the resident which he spent on the case.

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