5 Tips for Ensuring the Health and Safety of a Commercial Kitchen

Dining in is one of the most luxurious experience for the customers but behind the kitchen door, there is a new world of risky, hot and dangerous conditions. The food business could be a great profitable business unless your employees suffer from health issues or safety problems. No customer wants a restaurateur to be rude with their employees and if they found they may be the biggest reason behind the closing of your restaurant. Rude stands for not caring those people that are running your restaurant.

There is always a risk with open flames, sharp equipment, potential spillage and hot liquids. There are so many hazards present in the restaurant that it may be difficult to encounter all. This blog comes up with top tips through which you can ensure the safety and health of your employees.

Training Staff Effectively

The front line that faces any accident is your staff members. You need to train your staff and ensure that they follow the safety measures discus below.

  • Food Safety & Hygiene: The big reason for food poisoning and contamination is the lack of proper handling. Your employees should know where and how to store food properly including what temperature is required for a certain food to remain fresh. You will also to add cheapest undercounter freezer separately for drinks so that they couldn’t create a mess.
  • Implement Fire Safety: It is essential to protect your employees and your business with the fire. You need to implement all the fire safety methods. Always ensure that your kitchen staff is alert and active while cooking dishes. Remember to keep away all the flammable objects from flame and add fire extinguisher in your restaurant.

Operate Restaurant Equipment Safely

The integral part of any health and safety training is teaching your employees about the handling of the equipment. You need to educate your employees on how to use the equipment safely according to the prescribed instructions of manufacturers. The top tips you need to follow are

  • Keep the electrical appliances away from wet places
  • Inspect the cords regularly for any possible damage
  • Don’t repair any appliance by yourself.

Prevent Common Restaurant Injuries

There are some of the common hazards that can give a serious injury not only affect your employees but even your customers. You will need to take care of the burnt and eye injuries by giving your staff a proper uniform. Always dry the wet floor that can become the cause of slipping.

Laceration and Punctures

To provide more safety to your employees you can do a little investment by providing your employees cut-resistant gloves to be protective against knives. The sharp knives and cutters can hurt the fingers of your employees and by giving them protective gloves you will win their heart.

Stress-The Importance of Sanitation to Your Employees

Sanitation should be placed at every restaurant. Your staff members should undergo the regular training sessions through which they can update their knowledge on how to protect customers and build a positive reputation. In case of any accident ensure that you are prepared to deal effectively.

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