Electrical Hazards

5 Tips to Fix Most Common Electrical Hazards at Home

Electricity is the revolutionary invention that open doors for several other innovations. In the modern era, it is hard to assume life without electricity. From the world of the internet to the world of the economic system, everything works on electrical equipment that runs with the help of electric current. The bitter truth behind every advantage is the disadvantage of electrical hazards that take precious life’s.

While electricity makes human life easy in every mean but it is hard to state that electricity is human-friendly. The biggest threat to mankind is the electric current. The world is surrounded by electrical current that is running in every equipment. The slight spark in the wires or the malfunction of appliances can lead to the dreadful electrical hazards.

According to a report, more than 6 million people suffer from different electrical hazards each year. Electrical hazards not only cause fatal injuries but are also the reason behind the destruction of valuable properties and expensive electrical appliances.

The only way to protect yourself is to prevent electrical mishaps from happening. You should know the following electrical hazards and what will you do if one occurs.

Faulty Wiring

Electrical wiring is one of the most dangerous threats present in any house or building. People generally believe that old electrical systems are the main cause of faulty wiring but the actual culprit hides behind upgrading the system by an unlicensed individual. These individuals aren’t professional and are the biggest reason behind this electrical hazard. This issue can easily get fixed with the help of following tips

  • Always take help of a professional and licensed individual
  • Alter the wires whenever you add extra appliances or air conditioner in your home
  • Install a smoke detector for additional security.

Damaged Insulation

The main cause of the accidental fire is damaged insulation. This electrical hazard takes place when the insulation of a live electrical wire is damaged. The rubber used for insulation purposes gets damaged after extensive use. You can easily fix this issue with the help of electrical tapes and heat shrink tubing.

 Misuse of Extension Cords

The negligence in using extension cords can lead to electrical hazards. The use of uncertified cords can be a reason for electrical hazards. Always invest in a certified brand and remember not to use indoor cords outside as they don’t have same built-in resistance. Always use the cord that can handle the wattage required by the plugged-in devices.

Malfunctioning Appliances

In most of the fire cases, the malfunctioning appliances were the culprits. Any malfunctioning appliance in the house can cause an electrical hazard. The key to preventing such hazards is to conduct the pat test. There are many pat testing London companies that provide a quality check of your appliances. If your appliance trips the circuit breaker, then it’s the indication of internal damage.

Overloaded Circuits

All circuits have the capability to hold a certain amount of electrical current. If you overload a circuit or power strip with many high voltage devices than it can cause an electrical fire hazard. Always divide the devices in different outlets to get secure from fire hazards.

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