5 Web Designing Blunders You Must Stay Away From

A perfect website is the one that works equally well for both search engines as well as humans. There is no way you can compromise on functionality in order to enhance beauty and vice versa. The internet is getting flooded with articles like

5 Web designing tips you must follow
5 things you must take care of while designing your website
And so on..

But very less has been written on what one should avoid while doing web designing. More than tips, it is the set of mistakes that teaches us harsh lessons of life. When you want to improve, finding mistakes is the way to go. In this article, that’s what I am going to focus on. The article will highlight some of the very common web designing blunders that we must stop making now.

1. Complicated navigation:

Navigation is one of the most important parts of web designing. While proper navigation ensures the user browses deep into your website, complicated navigation sends the user on a wild goose chase. Some of the traits of complex navigation are:
It is placed at location hard to notice.
It has endless submenus.
The terms used are very generic and don’t make any sense.

In short, navigation not easy to follow is a big NO for your website.

How to make it right?

Choose either horizontal or vertical navigation and ensure that it is easy to locate.
Each label must have a single drop down of a submenu.
Keep the navigation menu terms relevant and to the point.

2. Removing zoom feature on mobile:

We all know, today’s era is driven by those smart devices we carry everywhere. Mobile phones are they called. Any website which has not included mobile in their strategies is already going down. In the same direction, one of the key features we often look for in mobile websites is the zoom features. Since mobile screens are already too small, to read things clear, users look for zoom feature. But if you haven’t provided it, it will irritate them to the core, and they will end up leaving.

How to make it right?

First, make sure the font you have chosen is big enough to be read easily on any device.
Take care of the proximity of the clickable buttons.
Allow a user to zoom in and zoom out the web pages they want.

3. Keeping orphan pages on the website:

Orphan pages are those web pages, from where a user can’t go anywhere else. If any of your users is stuck on such pages, he will end up closing the website. Orphan pages are big NO when it comes to a website.

How to make it right?

Make sure your logo always points to the homepage of your website.
Always provide proper redirects to your website.
If this is too much for you to handle, you can always hire a web design company to do the job.

4. Using duplicate or too big images:

Google loves fresh and unique content, be it text, image or any media. And in that situation, if you are using images created by others without providing any credit, it won’t be good for your website image. But in the quest of finding an original image, using any non-attractive basic image is also a big crime. Additionally, using too big images will slow down your website. Users will soon bounce back from this kind of website.

How to make it right?

Always use fresh, attractive and relevant images on your website. The best way is to design it yourself.
If you are not so good with DIY, you can use create attractive images using free designing tools. It is free and lets you design awesome images for free.
Always resize your images before uploading them on a website in order to improve the loading time.

5. Hiding contact information behind ten or so links:

If your website doesn’t showcase its contact information right in front, you are making a big mistake. Having contact information right at front increases credibility and builds trust. If the users are not able to find contact details of your website easily, they will start having trust issues. And need I say, it won’t result in anything good?

How to make it right?

The best way is to create a Contact us page and adding it in the primary navigation.
Additionally, you can add contact details in the footer too. But make sure to add only one address, email and phone no. You don’t need to add an address of every headquarter you have.
You can add a live chat option too. This way, you can help the user right where he is stuck.

There are many blunders when it comes to web designing, but these are the most common ones I have seen. So whether you’re just starting out or want to improve your existing website, stay far, far away from these blunders.

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