7 Affordable Yet Chic Outfits You Need in Your Wardrobe

Trends come and go over time. Some trends leave their mark in stone to become everyday staples whereas others make a comeback after a makeover. Wardrobe staples are timeless classics; they never change because people love them just as they are. While it is refreshing to dress out of the norm once in a while, there is a reason why all of us keep going back to classics. These engrained perennial fundamental items are after all the ones that make the foundation of your wardrobe. The perfect white t-shirt, the ultimate leather jacket, the perfect little black dress or that pair of denim that pairs well with anything and everything; on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, rest assured, these will come to your rescue.

Following are a list of 7 chic yet affordable outfits that will not cost you a fortune, will last you a long time and make sure you look on trend always. Let’s get started.

  • Little Black Dress

An absolute must-have in your closet, a trusty little black dress can save the day by never failing to impress. A classic knee-length number is one that will make for the ultimate versatile style statement that can be sported in multiple ways. Wear your dress with a pair of black pumps, a cardigan or a blazer and some pearls for finishing touches for a classy business casual ensemble. For a night out with girlfriends or someone special, strap on a pair of heels and some minimal jewelry for the perfect sophisticated yet sultry look. Some of the most iconic dresses of all time have been little black dresses and for all the right reasons: they are fashionable, sharp, chic and timeless; an outfit that speaks for itself.

  • Leather Jacket and Ankle Boots

A leather jacket is an ultimate investment because it works with just about everything else you have in your closet. Be it over a dress or jeans or a skirt; a leather jacket is the ultimate outfit transformer as it can literally take a boring outfit and transform it from zero to hundred with its effortlessly rogue aura. A piece that can be worn all year round, the best part about red leather jackets women is that it only gets better over time. To make your ensemble stand out, even more, pair your leather jacket with ankle boots. Ankle boots are another staple that everyone needs mainly because they are so minimalistic yet so bold. There is an extensive variety of ankle boots you can choose from depending on your personal taste but it is best to opt for something plain as it will be a lot more versatile.

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  • White Tee and Denim Jeans

Everyone needs a perfect white tee; one that fits well and one that has a neckline that compliments your body type. The most universally flattering style is the V-neck. A white tee is a great investment. Look for one that has a fine knit as it is more likely to maintain its shape over a long period of time, and also has a small percentage of spandex in its fabric because it gives great shape to your t-shirt. A white tee can be paired with anything for casual every day wear to work wear. Wear them under a blazer or a cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats for a casual yet chic look. Layer them under an oversized knit sweater or a sweatshirt for extra warmth or simply wear with a pair of your favorite denim jeans and a pair of sneakers and sunglasses for running everyday errands. If you are investing in a good white tee, you must also make sure to get yourself a good pair of denim jeans to go with that because if there is one clothing item that can be defined as the ultimate staple item, it is a good pair of denims.

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  • White Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

Dress pants are a necessity especially if you are a working woman. The best ones are those that fit well on the waist and thighs and flare out slightly around the calves to create a stunning and stylish A-line silhouette. Durable and classic, dress pants are ideal for work especially when paired with a white dress shirt. A white dress shirt is an incredibly versatile item that can be worn with anything from a pair of jeans and converse vans for a quick and casual look to pencil skirts, khaki pants and maybe under a dress making it perfect for work and meetings.

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  • Trench Coat and Knee High Boots

A tan trench coat is one that will last you decades because it is a fashion statement that will never go out of style. Gorgeous, elegant, and chic yet just as practical, a trench coat can be layered over just about any outfit such as a dress or perhaps a pair of jeans and knee high boots. Knee high boots are perfect for the colder months as they can be worn with skinny jeans, short dresses and even skirts but they pair exceptionally well with trench coats to create the perfect fall look.

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  • Blazer and Black Pumps

A deliciously chic combination, if you are donning a blazer, you have to pair it with a pair of black pumps. Blazers are just classy; it is as simple as that. Whether they are oversized or well fitted; they always add a very mod and polished look to your ensemble. Wear them over a dress paired with ankle boots, or with a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos for a night out or over a pair of dress pants and black pumps. Black pumps are worth every penny because they are comfortable, practical and effortlessly sophisticated. Basic styles are your safest bet.

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  • Comfy Coat and Skinny Jeans

Rough, tough, indispensable and the ultimate style statement, if you don’t own a pair of good skinny jeans, it is time you get one now. Pair them with any t-shirt in your closet, with a blazer, a cardigan, a leather jacket or a long comfy coat; they are an absolute necessity. When in doubt, just throw on your pair of skinny jeans with a basic tee and drape your coat as a final layer and you are ready to go out the door.

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Building a wardrobe with essentials is not as easy as it sounds. Learn to understand what to invest in. When it comes down to looking fashionable, you don’t just have to consider looking good but also your bank account. Fashion does not come cheap. It is easy to dress straight from the ramps and runways if you are an A-list celebrity but for us, common folk, staying under a budget is a top priority. So how does one manage to look effortlessly chic without breaking the bank? Invest in pieces that guarantee good quality at a reasonable price tag instead of wasting it on something cheaper but with compromised quality. An investment is supposed to last you for a prolonged period of time. Going for the latter option will only make you lose more money eventually why not make the right start altogether? Be wise with your choices.

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