8 Top Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Web design has evolved considerably over the years and professionals are constantly pushing the boundaries to create innovative templates. In this article, we are discussing web design trends for 2019 which will certainly make an impact. The knowledge of these design trends is essential for all kinds of professionals. Not only large organizations but even small clients are asking for path-breaking concepts for their websites. A small salon chain in Canada hired Responsive Website Development firm in Vancouver and told it that it wanted a brutalist website. The increasing awareness among clients necessitates that web designers also keep track of the latest developments in the field. Let’s now take a look at the trends set to dominate the coming year.

1. 3-dimensional Illustrations For More Visual Impact

The next year expect to see more 3-dimensional illustrations being used in web design. Professionals hope to create more visual impact by using this tactic. A 3-d image is a good attention-grabbing device and can be a better option than simple, flat pictures. In the hands of an experienced designer, a three-dimensional illustration with bright colors and balance will greatly enhance the visual appeal of an interface.

2. Monochromatic Layouts Will Be Seen

Today’s professionals have access to a varied color palette with numerous shades but many of them are shunning colors for monochromatic layouts. The theory behind limiting the design to a single shade is that it can help create a strong brand image. Many designers are also using stark black and white layouts to create lasting visual impact. 2019 will see many websites with a monochromatic color scheme or striking black and white designs.

3. Brutalism Will Continue Its Growth

The Canadian salon owner who hired the firm for responsive website development in Vancouver demanded a brutalist design. This trend will become more popular in the coming days as owners want to stun visitors with a bare and raw layout. There are no soft touches and the focus is purely on the content and these bold, in-your-face templates can be an innovative design strategy.

4. More Experimentation With Retro Designs

People are gravitating towards retro design elements like old fonts and color schemes to create a unique blend of the past and present. This is expected to be one of the top web design trends in 2019 with more and more clients asking for classical look for their layouts. Companies feel that the strategy helps them successfully target potential customers belonging to older age groups. The retro styles and illustrations enable them to communicate with such audiences in a better and more effective manner.

5. Increased Usage Of Overlapping Design Elements

Another design tactic that will be seen more is design elements overlapping each other. Visitors are used to seeing the different components of a layout in an orderly fashion. Just like a brutalist design can catch their attention immediately, overlapping items can also generate considerable interest. This can also add aesthetic appeal to the interface but can be quite difficult to execute for smaller devices.

6. Huge Text Occupying The Whole Screen

Many professionals are of the opinion that content must dominate the design. The usage of large-size text that covers the whole screen is an idea that is based on this theory. It adds a dramatic effect to the website and immediately draws attention towards the content. As in a newspaper, the huge, bold text is used as an attention-grabbing device to encourage users to read the content in smaller print.

7. Innovative Cursor Designs Will Become More Visible

Even in this age of smart devices and touchscreens, professionals are not shying away from creating innovative designs and uses for cursors. Replacing the usual arrow pointer with a fun image or a simple dot and asking the visitor to hold it to perform a certain action, they are employing unique ideas to energize the cursor.

8. Using Lots Of White Space

Designers have again started playing with the white space or negative space as it is sometimes called. They are leaving lots of empty spaces on a layout to create a contrasting effect on the page. It puts more focus on the content and also provides relief to visitor’s eyes.


These are just a few of the web design trends for 2019 that are expected to be visible across many websites. Designers can play around with a lot more elements on a website create infinite surprises and we will have to wait and watch to experience those exciting innovations.

Maria Dicousta is a proficient web developer specializing in front-end development at FernWeb - Best Web Design Services firm in Vancouver, Canada. She is a prolific writer who creates engaging content for the readers. She’s spending time with her family. You can likewise follow Maria on Twitter.

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