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Advertising on Amazon: possibilities and formats

As we know, the purchasing process is constantly changing. There are more and more users who not only prefer to make their purchases online but also venture to experience different platforms to get the desired products at an optimal price. The question is: how can we enter that market where competition is huge? There are many platforms that can help us find our audience and announce our products. We talk about platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Amazon, among others. Today we will stop to analyze the latter and talk about all the possibilities offered by advertising on Amazon.

Amazon sponsored products’ allows us, through keywords, to show our ads in accordance with our objectives. It is a platform in constant growth, which already has 300 million users worldwide. In the United States, 80 million of these already use the Prime service. The number of Prime subscribers in Spain is increasing, which makes this platform a very interesting place to advertise our products.

Advertising on Amazon: new ad formats

Next, I talk about some new formats for advertising on Amazon that are already available in many countries. Although some have not arrived in Spain yet, they will do it in a very short time:

Amazon Video Ads

This format is already available in Spain. It allows advertisers to introduce advertising in video format within the Amazon website and its mobile application.

These videos are automatically reproduced and occupy at least 50% of the area visible on the screen. This automatic playback always takes place without the sound activated, similar to the video formats of Instagram, and forces the user to interact in case he wants to activate the sound.

By default, this type of advertising on Amazon includes the advertiser’s logo, a line of text and a call to action link associated with the video.

Billboard Below The Fold (BTF)

This form of advertising on Amazon is considered a premium advertising experience. It allows creating advertising campaigns with Canvas format and is already available in Spain.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram advertising, it has to be approved in terms of content. In case it is rejected, the platform itself indicates the reason.

The objective of this type of advertising is more focused on brand awareness and direct response.

Daily Deals Site Stripe

This advertising format, which we can translate into Spanish as Bar of daily offers, is currently only available in the United States.

It consists of a bar located just below the Amazon main menu. As in the case of the previous format, it has to be submitted to an approval process by the platform.

The distribution locations of this advertising are limited, leaving only the possibility of advertising on the page of daily offers and on the website of

Marquee Ads

This format is located at the top of the Amazon page, right next to the search bar. The peculiarity of this is that we can configure it to appear only on the pages that interest us or the entire web. It is already available in Spain, but the functionality of placing advertising on Amazon only on the main page or on the entire web can only be implemented in Japan.

Like the previous formats, you also have to go through an approval process.

Offer Listings Stripe

This format is very similar to the Daily Deals Site Stripe. It is in the same location, the difference is that it only appears on the page of the list of offers.

Seller Central Ads

It is the platform that sellers use to manage their business on Amazon. This type of advertising is very interesting for those who want to direct their campaigns towards the sellers in Amazon, for example, companies dedicated to B2B.

There are three locations where our ads may appear:

  • On the Login page: Located in the middle of the page, it has the particularity of automatically resizing according to the size of the screen. This is a mandatory location, for which sellers always have to pass. This option is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.
  • In the initial page of the seller: It is the page where the seller is directed after making the login. The publication in this location is only available for the United States.
  • On the application page: It is located on the right, just below the search bar. It is only available on the order management, inventory management, add products and finance page. In this way, we can teach advertising on Amazon to entrepreneurs while doing their actions on the platform. This option is only available for the United States.

Video in Search (Beta)

Through a keyword bidding system, this type of advertising is shown in the search results. For now, it is only available in the United States for IOS and does not allow redirecting the user outside the Amazon platform. Some of the characteristics of this are:

  • Differentiation: Impact users on search results with videos.
  • Relevance: We can connect with users who are searching for a specific category, who are using the keywords we have chosen or both at the same time.
  • Interaction: Communicate with the user so that he or she interacts with the publicity, for example, the user will have to interact with the video to activate the sound.
  • Brand defense: Amazon guarantees that the results of its filters show the appropriate ads for each audience.

We can direct the user to the product in two different ways:

  • Product detail page:  Redirecting the user to the product detail page.
  • Redirection to the landing page: Redirect traffic to a page hosted on Amazon.

Finally, let’s look at how this format works:

The image we have on the product details page, as well as its title, are automatically displayed below the video.

The first three seconds, in the upper right corner, appears a label with the word “announcement”, as well as the symbol of a speaker so that the user can activate the sound; then, it disappears.

Vander Deeman: Graduated in Economics from PUC-SP and Financial Planner certified by IBCPF. He began his career as an equity analyst at Dissertation UK Services and has more than 12 years of experience in operations desk, fund management, investor relations and equity allocation.

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