Air Conditioner Types You Need To Know

Do we see a surprised look in your face? The reason – the title of the article. Yes, there are many types of air conditioners, but rarely you know many among them. Unless they live in the cities or work in the office. Will we have a look at recent times? Many people have installed air conditioners in their home to beat the red hot weather. The content you are reading will give information on the models very rarely found online. So, let us discuss the air conditioner types you need to know.



A. Central Air Conditioner

This is the most common model used in offices and large homes. You can find the compressor outside the home. Then, you have the parts such as coils (with refrigerant), fans and others which cool the air. The entire house gets filled with cool air due to the ducts.



B. Air Conditioner Types – Portable Air Conditioners

Did you get the idea after reading the title? In other words, the portable air conditioners) are self-contained devices. Unlike the other AC models, they have every important part filled in only one device.

You can find these models in small rooms or small offices. The reason, space limits the installation of a central air conditioning unit. They have a condenser coil which cools the air. The exhaust hose sends the hot air out of the home.

Please note, this model is not suitable for large rooms. This model is the last resort compared to other models. Is the room not having windows? Is space too less for other AC models? then people opt for portable air conditioners.

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C. Air Conditioner Types – Through-the-wall Models

Did the title surprise you? After a minute, you may visualize that the wires of the AC go through the walls or via the walls. Like portable or window air conditioners, through-the-wall AC does also contain every part in a single box.

Do you want to install a through-the-wall model? Then please note, once mounted, you will find it a great challenge to remove the model. So, you need AC professionals to either install or remove the appliance.

Is there an advantage over the window AC model? Yes. In the window air conditioner model, you lose the use of windows. But in this model, the appliance gets installed some distance away from the window.


D. Air Conditioner Types – Split System ACs

Did the name strike a brainwave? You know the meaning of the split system. Let us give a simple example. You have six rooms in your home occupied by family members. The split AC can provide six units to all the rooms. All six units remain connected to a compressor located on the outside.

The advantage – you can set different units of six rooms at various temperatures. The reason – every unit has its own thermostat. Usually, they get installed on walls. The connection happens by means of conduits. Yes, you need power and refrigerant to make these appliances work in proper order. But remember the price. This model will be more expensive than the central air conditioner model.


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E. Air Conditioner Types – Package Terminal Air Conditioners

In short form, the other name of this model is PTAC. You can find many models of the same installed in restaurants, apartment buildings, and other infrastructure. Usually, you can see these type of models installed some distance above the floor. But yes, many models will always get installed below the window.

On the other side of the wall, you have the exhaust system which can send warm air out of the room or building. Like the other air conditioner models, even the package terminal air conditioner models send the coolant to the compressor. The cooling happens, and the air gets redirected to the room. But this model has two advantages when it comes to the central AC system. The PTAC does not have ducts, and installation is easy. You can buy the models at an affordable price.

Do you have a new room added to your home? For example, you have a home with five rooms and the other two rooms. The existing central air conditioner models can provide cool air to all these rooms. You had checked the various points and then bought this model. But the addition of a new room can put a severe strain on the home appliance. The AC needs to work more, and electricity bills will also see a hike. In such situations, buy a PTAC model. It can provide the same temperature to the new room.



F. Air Conditioner Types – Evaporative or “Swamp” Coolers

Have you heard this name before? Swamp coolers? It is very rare you have heard this name. These models are very effective in dry and hot climates. The traditional air conditioners make use of refrigerant called Freons. But this model uses only water as well as air.

The history of the swamp cooler goes back to centuries – ancient Egypt. If hot air passes over water, it becomes cool. This technology is used in swamp coolers. The cool air gets distributed throughout the house.


  • Energy efficient
  • Does not use Freon
  • Does not release gases.

G. Air Conditioner Types – Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This is a new technology, but it has already garnered enough customers in the globe. Mother Earth is a large insulator. And the ground beneath always has a consistent temperature. Regardless of the weather conditions above the ground.

It is this concept that is taken advantage of geothermal technology to provide heat as well as cool your office or home. Home improvement experts specify this method will do the job more efficiently than the other AC models. This technology makes use of pipes, a heat pump, and the entire Earth to distribute hot or cold air to your home. During winter, water runs through the pipe and absorbs heat. The same volume of heat, when compressed, can raise the temperature. Then it is delivered to all the rooms of your home.

During the summer, your entire home is filled with hot air. So, the heat pump absorbs the heat and transfers to the ground. You can get only pure/normal air in your home. The advantages of this method are the non-usage of fossil fuels and other mechanical systems. You need to use only electricity.

Before purchasing an air conditioner, you need to focus on some factors such as cost, the needs of the space in your home, advice of the family members and more.


Hope this article has given enough information on air conditioner types you need to know. The names of some models were relatively new, weren’t they? You may purchase an air conditioner (any model). But to make the appliance last its lifetime, you need to take good care of the device. Even if the warranty period has expired.

Let us ask a question. How will you provide maintenance service to the air conditioner model which has crossed the warranty period? It is very easy. You just 


need to search for the best home repair companies in your city. Are you in Pune and in a similar situation? Then download the app of the best household services in Pune. Now, search for the best technicians skilled in air conditioner repair in Pune near your home. Schedule the time for maintenance. The AC professional will come to your home and give the perfect maintenance service.

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