All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of IPTV

All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of IPTV

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) ensures that one can watch the show that is normally shown on the television anytime, anywhere with just the requirement of a compatible device with good internet connection. Television is a restricted way of consuming content though as it is time bound and can’t be taken anywhere. One has to be present at the required place at the particular time just with the exceptions of a few facilities like repeated telecasts and the facility to record the programs. IPTV is becoming a good replacement for the televisions as one can watch what exactly one wants through it without having to wait.

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television is a way of providing all that comes on the TV channels through internet connection on your devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. and in addition to this, much more than television. It can show various movies, serials and programs that come on the television in a way so that the user can watch them anytime as they are available all the time or sometimes as per the particular IPTV medium. IPTV can also provide live programs on the devices. One of the examples of IPTV is Netflix. IPTV makes digital media platform available for us to use.

Various Types of IPTV

There are three types of IPTV. These are as follows:

  • Video on Demand: VOD or video on demand refers to the simplest form of IPTV that involves watching all the shows or movies through a website. One just needs to make the demanded payment and can watch his or her choice of program or movie that is available on the website. Netflix is one such example that basically provides movies to be watched.
  • Time-shifted IPTV: In this kind of IPTV, one gets to see those shows that are broadcast on televisions at some particular time. These shows are available on the TV for only some time, but through IPTV, they can be watched by the users at any time. This is known as time-shifted Internet Protocol Television.
  • Live IPTV: As the name suggests, live IPTV is about watching live shows or programs on the devices that are available through the internet connection.

How does the IPTV Function?

IPTV works in an entirely different manner as compared to the traditional TVs, satellite TVs, and cable TVs. These TVs work with cables or through transmission and conversion of electrical and radio waves and antenna or some other way round; while IPTV is different.

Live programs are streamed as they are produced. That is quite simple. But, it is tough to stream those programs that are pre-recorded. This is therefore done in another way- all the required programs are stored. But only those are made available that put a limit on the overall bandwidth of the service. Hence, no harm is done to the internet.

Benefits of the IPTV

As mentioned in the above section, Internet Protocol has many advantages over the traditional form of viewing movies and programs. It has a number of benefits that are as follows:

  • No need to use cables or set antennas on the terrace as against the case of TVs.
  • In the traditional way, only a limited amount of data could be fed through the cables but through the IPTV as much data can be presented as has been stored on the host network.
  • It is very easy to search for that program that one wants to watch.
  • It also provides many other options with the chosen program that were not there with the televisions. For example, as one chooses one movie, the user is given all other similar options that match with the chosen one. Additional services and features are offered.
  • User can view the contents even before they are fully downloaded.
  • One can entertain himself or herself with the programs anytime and anywhere till internet connection is there.
  • A wide range of channels is provided through it. One can choose from them and pay accordingly to enjoy the selected ones.

Internet Protocol Television is proving to be really popular digital media platform among the people these days when everyone has limited time to give to different tasks. With rising mobile penetration and bandwidth, it adds multiple layers of convenience and anytime access to elevate the user experience.

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