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Beginner’s Guide to Using cPanel to Manage Your Hosting

After the boom in the virtual world, the websites were increased over one million. The businesses are quite successful in generating profits through the internet. On the internet, websites are one of the most important assets of any business. The domain and website are one of the most crucial parts of any business. To communicate, to transfer the business moto and to be visible it is necessary to create a website. To make a website visible everyone needs a web hosting provider. To change and edit the things on web server one needs to know about cPanels.

Almost every web server for web hosting use cPanels that are latest and easy to use rather than other panels. From WordPress hosting to Linux hosting, cPanel is the basic need and want of every business. To know complete about the cPanels, you need to keep reading this blog till the end.

1:) What is cPanel?

The panel through which you can manage your hosting account on which your website is hosted is known as cPanel. The work of cPanel is similar to your windows, the windows cPanel enables you to customize the functionality of your computer without going into each document. Similarly, the cPanel enables to edit, delete or add the content, images and many more things. cPanel is widely used by the hosting providers including, WordPress hosting Pakistan, Joomla Hosting and many other. You can do the following things through cPanel

  • Change your Bandwidth and details
  • Install add-on apps on your server
  • Create and manage a new database
  • Setup email for your sites
  • Uploads file on your server
  • Setup various optimization
  • Easy to Install CMS systems including WordPress
  • Backup your site efficiently.

2:) How to Use cPanel?

cPanel is easy to use doesn’t require much tech skills. After you choose a plan according to your budget you will be given password and user name from your web host. The installation is done before you log in to the cPanel account. At the very first page, you will see your resources and the usage of the overall resources. This is the best way through which you can track your website performance. To get familiarize with the modules you need to read the following overviews of each module

  • File Modules: Without using any FTP client the file module allows you to create backups, specify privacy levels and upload and manage files.
  • Preference: There are many common modules in preference like change domain or getting started wizard. The preference is used to customize the layout to make your cPanel a better fit.
  • Database: The databases is required when you use CMS for your site. The database helps you to manage all the data of your CMS.
  • Web Applications: To install WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS all you need to do is to use web applications.
  • Domains: To manage multiple domains, subdomains you can use domain module.
  • Metrics: The metrics give an insight of your website that helps you to determine the overall performance of your website.
  • Security: The security option will let you keep an eye on the security of your websites such as IP blocker, SSL certificate and many more.
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  1. C-Panel is best for your web hosting and Domains. Hosting can be use as data base for the website and you can save all you data easily with reliable security. This post is an asset of foe newbies. I’ll also gonna share this content with others. Thank You!

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