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Best Hair Color for Me | The Right Way to Do Hair Color According to The Skin

Ever looked and feel back at your hair color in an old snap and thought about when do you see and thinking  about the hair?” Well, if you’ve been victimized by the 10-year challenge it, then it’s definitely a chance and hope. That yellow blonde of the 09s has been haunting us all week or every day!

The color of hair gives me a good new look and beauty; Attract everyone by putting hair color. Hair care specialists here suggest that which is best for you and it will take full care of hair. The hair color seems to be the best and caring for health.

But all jokes aside. Your hair color can completely change and modify. The vibes of your look so there are some things first you know before taking the color plunge for hair.

For instance. Are you willing to deal with the maintenance? If you’re going drastically darker & lighter? Does your hue of choice work with now your current hair condition. like that texture, skin tone, and level of hair health? These can be life-changing questions for your body and hair. okay so maybe that’s a little dramatic. But these generally come to these major beauty questions.

So we turned to the pros for their top hair coloring tips to help you.

Rule 1. Start With Your Skin Tone

Before you can do rush into the salon armed with saved Instas of your celeb hair color crush for you. Just hold on some second. According to Courtney Goebel, eSalon expert colorist, and education leaders. The most important and beautiful thing. When are you choosing a hair color is making sure the shade and shape complement with your skin tone. “To explain what will work. You need to know about your skin tone. I have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone and one easy way to find out is to look at your temperament.

If your temperament is finding purple or blue, you’re cool. they’re greenish, you’re warm. you are seeing and want to both colors. You’re most likely a neutral tone. Still unbalanced or confused? Take the guide of hair care hospital and clinic.

“Firstly you know about your skin’s tone, pick a hair color after that. So many colors for cooler skin, we recommend ash, cool beige, or coppery-red tones to bring out. Your natural blush and for warmer skin, try golds, warm beiges, chocolatey brunettes. And mahogany reds to get that glowy highlighted finish.” These all your look can change. If you have a neutral skin tone. You are so lucky.  You can easily transition from cool to warm, and vice versa and many more color you can use.

Rule 2. Take the Seasons Into Account

Marie-Antoinette Martinez. A colorist at Frédéric Fekkai Salon at The Mark Hotel in NYC. Is quick to point out the need and require for seasonal awareness. When your skin tone it comes to dying and deals your locks. “How much sun your hair is open to offers clues as to. What type of continuing your hair can handle and can make healthy.” She says that.

So sun worshippers worry about your hair. You may not be able to do a complete service and provide the best hair color for me. If your hair is on the healthy side for coloring, however, Martinez’s rule of thumb is usually to go for “richer warmer tones in the winter and brighter and lighter in the warmer months for healthy hair.” After all that. If your hair already looks unhealthy, dying or unbleaching it will never improve it and not coloring.

Rule 3. Schedule Your Cut Before Color

“Hair Color always looks more impactful and beautiful on freshly cut. Well-maintained for hair or hair color and your texture plays a big role in determining. What type of service to perform for your hair,” says Martinez. “Some haircuts might look great and beautiful with hard color with little or small dimension. While others with a lot and more of dimensions, enhance layers for hair.”

Translation: cut before hair color always, and make sure you speak to your stylist, design. And colorist prior to its services so everyone’s on the same page. For example. If you have your best hair cut and colored to work with a naturally curly state and many more styles.

Rule 4. Be Consistent With Maintenance

“The maintenance for highlights really depends on how far or long you deviate from your natural base,” you say, Amelie Lemoine, a stylist, and colorist at Yves Durif Salon in Manhattan, New York. “For example, if you have a dark starting base color already that drastically challenge the brighter highlights for your hair, you will need to go to the best salon and your favorite salon for more frequent touch-ups every three to four weeks.” And if you have age then you’ll also have to get your roots touched up every two to three months for your hair.

Lemoine likes the color technology to appeal to its low maintenance, she is a big fan of the Ombre-Bailage Look. “First you can use your natural color to complement your skin tone strategically with the enhancement of highlights on the ends, and if you are aware of the budget, then this is the right type of color because it’s For repeated touch-ups is not required, “he mixed.

After hair color, you will look amazing, so now you have a lot of information about the selection of hair color.

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