Best Visual Voicemail Apps: A Whole New Way of Managing your Voicemails

Best Visual Voicemail Apps: A Whole New Way of Managing your Voicemails

The use of voicemail may seem like a relic of the past to you but there’s so much essence of it in today’s world such as being used for practical purposes or prank calling friends and family. Gone are those days when we required to dial a number to access the received voicemails. The days of visual voicemails have arrived to ease the process of getting those voice mails.

There are several visual voicemail apps available that can help you transcribe the incoming voicemails. Such applications will make it easier for you as you will be able to read the message you received. Once you read the message from the transcription, then it’s up to you to decide what is to be done with it. In this article, we are going to discuss the best visual voicemail applications with all their features.

At a Glance: Best Visual Voicemail Apps

You should know that the voicemail transcription is always so convenient for you. This happens because it gives you the ability to pick and choose only those voicemails that you want to hear. You don’t have to hear them all one after another as you can read before you hear it. From the privacy perspective, visual voicemail apps are so appealing to all the users. You can have a glance at the voicemail transcription without any problem instead of listening to it. Here, in this section, we are about to discuss the best visual voicemail apps that you can use on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

YouMail – The Best Visual Voicemail App to Access on any Device

It’s been over around 10 years now since YouMail came into existence in its service. It has won tons of awards for the stunning features it offers to its users. Apart from being a robocall blocker, it does its job great as visual voicemail. There’s total storage capacity of 100 voicemails with this visual voicemail app. The voicemails come with a separation of date and contact so you can easily recognize it. You can easily access them either on your phone or your computer without any trouble.

You should never overlook the features that you get additionally from this visual voicemail app. If there is a spam caller that matches with the database of YouMail app, then it’ll immediately block the call. Whenever it detects such number, it informs the other party about the disconnection of his or her number. With this application, you also get the flexibility to make conference calls for free which is a great feature for business personnel. Usually, callers only dial your number and connect with you without facing any trouble.


It supports most of the Operating Systems of your smartphones no matter if it is iOS or Android. There’s a huge range of features that you will get from this app. It is a cloud-based visual voicemail application that allows its users to store their voicemails and access it from here. You need to pay for using this visual voicemail app as it comes with a monthly subscription plan.

HulloMail – The Excellent Visual Voicemail App for Massive Voicemail Transcription Users

It is one of the best apps for visual voicemail services that people use across the globe on their smartphones. It comes with the feature to scan all the voicemail that you have in the inbox of your phone. After scanning them, you get the convenience to read their transcriptions. And then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with them. It also allows you to send the copies of the transcripted voicemails to anyone via email. There’s no doubt that HulloMail is a simple and no-frills visual voice mail app but along with it, you get a lot of features. The main features of it are locked away for you and to unlock them you need to pay.

With the paid version of this application, you can have unlimited access to the cloud storage where you can easily store all your transcriptions. It also holds the features by which you can search through all your transcriptions to find the specific one. All these features need a subscription plan to activate. If you want the little version then you might need to pay $0.99 cents per month and some of these features will be available for you. Whereas for the paid version, you need to pay $4.49 per month and you will get all the features of this app activated.


There are only a few applications available in the market that can let you search through the transcriptions. Even for the lite version of this app, you need to pay a certain amount of money.

Google Voice – The Best Free Visual Voicemail App

There might be a lot of visual voicemail apps available, but none of them are in the industry like the one we are currently discussing. It has been offering such services much longer than most of its other contenders for users’ convenience. It was known as Grand Central before Google acquired this visual voicemail app. When it comes to the free visual voicemail application, there’s no better option than this Google Voice. No matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android device, Google Voice is the best one you get. As a free visual voicemail app, Google Voice comes with a lot of dedicated feature for its users. You can make backups for all your voicemails and there’s no limit to it.

With this app, you can always claim a new phone number that will help you ring all the connected devices that you have added to this app. It also allows users to use their existing phone number along with their new phone numbers. This app does not work like the other visual voicemail apps. It doesn’t use call forwarding to work like voicemail, it completely follows an extra medium. With its easy interface, Google Voice will help you even block all the spam callers. It can transcribe everything without paying any cost and in many languages. So, you can read the transcription in your favorite language.


The process of configuring this app is quite easier than others. It would be much more convenient if you already have a Google account to work with. The multi-language compatibility makes the app more unique and helpful for everyone. It’s always more appropriate for the users who want to create new phone numbers to receive the transcripted voicemails.

InstaVoice – The Best Visual Voicemail App for One Stop Shopping

When it comes to providing the best visual voicemail transcription, InstaVoice is the best option for that. However, there is a twist in it as it mainly focuses on offering you the best interface. You can easily manage an unlimited amount of voicemails form whatever phone number you have. If you get loads of voicemails, then this is the right platform for you. With this app, you don’t have to worry for the message that says ‘the mailbox is full’ as you can store all your voicemails in it. In addition to that, there will be no problem to access the voice to text transcriptions with this app.

There is a chat-like interface that allows you to reply directly from the voicemail messages. InstaVoice enables you to contact the person who called you from this interface through chatting or calling. There’s a great feature in this app by which you can maintain a large number of voicemails without any problem. You can maintain them across all the phone numbers you have. The efficiency and the speed it offers to its users to manage the voicemail transcriptions are so easy to handle. It even allows you to send these transcriptions to anyone via text message or email.


InstaVoice is the only app that lets you configure the visual voicemails for several phone numbers. You get the flexibility to access and handle all the voicemails in one single place that comes with this app. It also has customer support that allows its users to get help to fix any problems they face using it. InstaVoice may not be fully-featured as its contenders but you will get all the features that you’d need.

Wrapping Things Up

The apps that we have listed here in this article have all their unique properties. All of them offer something different to their users in terms of features. Therefore, we hope you got all your answers about the query of the best visual voicemail apps.

Whatever you choose from the list, it will suit the requirements you have. They can even work as your new voicemail service for you if you are one of the Android or iOS users.

And in case you need tech help for all the hardware that such an innovative technology might require. Then, professional support services are going to be the way to go.

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