White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building in 2019

Best White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building (2019 Update)

Search engines play a big role in the growth of your online business. To optimize your position in the search engine results, there are various white hat SEO techniques i.e. ethical techniques, which are used to reach out to real audiences. Link building is applied as an effective method for SEO and it has gained importance for very obvious reasons. The number of quality links that lead to your website determines its ranking in the search engine results.

It is not easy to get these backlinks. It requires understanding and expertise in the field. There are rules and regulations to be followed for this process to avoid penalties by Google. They have taken a stern approach for checking all the links in order to give priority to the user experience. To help you with link building the right way, we have listed out a few of the best white hat SEO techniques.

Approach People You Know

This is a great way to start that can be very helpful in achieving a good reach among the relevant audience. A link coming from friends will be able to get you a good amount of traffic and those coming from experts in the field will add credibility as well. To get the best results from connecting with the experts, you have to ensure that you provide content of the highest quality, which can encourage them to link with your page. You can also get in touch with an SEO Company in India to help you with the content as well as with the right contacts to approach.

Do Not Miss Any Opportunity

There are ways to find out if you have been mentioned on any website or a blog post. If you do come to know of such instances, you must make good use of this opportunity and convince the webmaster of that content to convert the mention to a link. This would help you achieve a higher ranking. How you approach the webmaster is very important and it will work in your favor if you do so in a down-to-earth manner rather than being haughty about it.

Watch out for Competitor Activity

Your competitors can teach you a lot. Irrespective of whether they are doing well or not, there is always much to learn. If they have a good standing in the market, you can learn what they are doing right and emulate it. In case the competition is failing, understand where they are going wrong and avoid it. You can always find out the source of backlinks to competition website and try to get them to favor you by providing better content. Once you have high-quality content on hand, you will need to carefully plan out and execute your approach to these sources to get the best results.

Be Present on Resource Pages

A resource page is like a directory, which you look up to when you are searching for something specific. This resource page has all the relevant links pertaining to a topic or service. This can be an extremely powerful tool. However, you should take care to choose the right resource pages or directories and the respective categories within them. Digital marketing agencies are well-versed with such resources and should be able to guide you to the right ones. Once you are listed on these pages, they would send out emails to their relevant subscribers about the new additions to their database.

Contribute with Guest Posts

Guest Posting is one of the effective and common white hat SEO techniques used for link building. By contributing a post to another blog, you can not only get effective backlinks but also get exposure to the existing audiences on that blog. To be able to contribute a post, you have to first be able to acknowledge the content of the blog and reciprocate by providing a post about the author on your website.

Keep a Check on Broken Links

Your site could lose a lot of traffic and credibility due to a broken link. It is important to find them and fix them. This can help you to recover the losses quickly. You will need to reach out to your audiences with the new links to revert to a better ranking.

Link building is a tough task with the capability of delivering great results if done right. These techniques should give you a great start in the year 2019.

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