Certification: A Complete Guide On How You Can Achieve The Pinnacles Of Success With The TOGAF Certification

Certification: A Complete Guide On How You Can Achieve The Pinnacles Of Success With The TOGAF Certification

Developed by The Open Group in the year 1995, TOGAF or The Open Group Architectural Framework is a specially designed framework for the companies to function smoothly. In simpler terms, TOGAF is a set of rules and framework designed to help the organizations to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

TOGAF is architecture standard employed to ensure consistency in methods, standards, and communications between various departments within the organization to achieve architectural competency.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is just not organizing the various infrastructures internally but it also encompasses other business-related activities such as providing solutions to the business by analyzing, planning, designing, and implementing the right technology at the right place.

It is an important tool that is spread to other parts of the business and involves other activities such as business process management and data analytics. The aim of enterprise architecture is to make sure the business strategies are implemented efficiently and successfully.

The TOGAF Approach

The Open Group launched TOGAF with the aim to provide a common set of rules for every member of the organization. They set out four goals that the TOGAF had to address within the organization and ensure speedy and efficient architectural development.

The Four Goals Are As Follows.

– To ensure that everyone within the organization speaks the same language and this was to make understanding the core concepts, principles, and framework clearly.

– Cost efficiency and prevention of wastage of time and efforts.

– Free usage of the framework provided TOGAF is being used internally within the organization.

– Achieve high Return on Investment or the ROI.

Components of TOGAF

If a business wants to optimize on the goals set out for the TOGAF principle, it has to employ the three main components of TOGAF, namely

– Enterprise architecture domains

Further segregated into four segments, Business architecture, Applications architecture, Data architecture, and Technical architecture.

 Architecture Development Model

Architecture Development Model or the ADM is considered to be the backbone of TOGAF. It uses performance engineering in order to create an enterprise architecture.

– Enterprise Continuum

This segmentation works to suit the needs of the business and is customizable.

Why Get TOGAF Certification And Training?

As a certified and trained TOGAF professional, you get to study the concepts and principles of TOGAF in depth and act as a medium to impart your knowledge to organizations who can make use of the framework to develop the AIT architectural structure within the organization.

The Enterprise architects are hired to create and develop the organization’s IT strategies which will, in turn, form the basis for the overall business strategies. The EAs create the roadmap that will guide the organizational heads to follow, understand, and implement the TOGAF principles. EAs become responsible to ensure a smooth transition from traditional to TOGAF. Training and certification help individuals to master the TOGAF concepts and framework.

TOGAF certified professionals balance the ideals and goals of an organization and the information technology aspects. They are entrusted with the task of ensuring the smooth functioning of various processes within the organization.

There is quite a high demand for TOGAF certified professionals by the big players in the market since they want their company’s enterprise architecture to be managed by the professionals.

TOGAF Certification

The Open Group provides 2 levels of TOGAF certifications to the aspirants, first is the foundation and the second level is understanding business analytics and application. And these certifications are especially beneficial to people who are enterprise architects, software architects, IT directors and such in order to gain better knowledge and gain validity for their skills.

Main reasons why one should get TOGAF certification training in order to achieve the pinnacles of success are listed below.

– It is a pocket-friendly certification course

– It opens up greater avenues and helps in achieving better career options

– It provides better opportunities

– It helps you speak a common language amongst other members of your field.

– It gives you an upper hand in handling the enterprise architecture designing and implementation

– It helps to work on your managerial skills and enhance it further

– It provides you with a validation that helps you land better jobs

– It opens up better networking prospects

How TOGAF Benefits An Organization?

ADM which is considered to be the backbone of TOGAF provides an eight-step approach to implement the framework and is flexible to suit the needs of various businesses. It can be customized and implemented within an organization. It helps the organization is understanding their current scenario and helps in filling up the gaps between the present and the future organizational goals.

TOGAF is customizable and scalable which, in turn, proves to be cost-effective and efficient for an organization.

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