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Content Writing is as easy as you try hard. Starting your career in content writing and have confusion? Often have a lot to write but have no idea from where to start? Content writing seems easy but actually, it is about the complexity of how to presents the words well. It is about to keep the reader involved. It should be informative, easy to understand and yes amusing if the topic allows.

Content writing is not an easy task and demands the use of creative words, with an aim to make the audience understand the context and market the product. There are many methods to write quality content, however, writing the best piece takes a lot of thinking. A content writer must be very skilled and supported with some of the best methods of structuring content with a quality piece. Content writing is done by many companies like the 4 Dollar Essay, who are willing to market their products on various social media platforms. However, your content should be catchy and supported with a relevant title to increase the chances of getting the audience and increase chances to generate sales.


Content Marketing is the emerging field and many organizations have started their own content department to reach the customers effectively and quickly with quality content. Content writer is not an easy task and demands creative thinking abilities by an individual to ensure that all things remain on track, and the sequence of their piece does not get weak. To become a booming content Writer you need to have a true passion for writing. However, with an interest, you can follow the mentioned tips to head start your career in content writing.


  • Follow and read the trending articles

The first and foremost thing one should know if he/she desires to become a writer is to follow and carefully go through the trending articles. Reading makes you mark sentences and words in your mind and when you start writing about anything you can simply make the connection. Experience is important in everything, you know which clothes you feel comfortable in and choose accordingly because you are used to shopping and selecting things that best suits you. So skim the best articles and try to read 2-3 good articles daily.

  • Make sure you understand the topic

Once you are used to reading it will become easy to grasp the knowledge of the topic you are about to write. It is important that you know what you have to write about. Once you get proper information about the topic you can easily write on it with the flow. Try looking at the best suitable vocabulary and go ahead.

  • Draw an outline and research

Now you know about the topic. You have to manage the paragraphs and all the information on the article well. So structure the intro, body, and conclusion. Make sure the important things come first. Go through the articles that are well-written.

  • Start to Write

Let’s begin with an intro and write what all you know the best about the topic. Try to add the part which the reader is actually looking for. Think a reader and then keep on adding points. While writing ensures that you are going with the topic and each paragraph is linked to another. Don’t talk about ducks if the topic is asking for fishes. In conclusion, do not repeat anything just try to summarize the things and draw the results.

  • Don’t send until you proof-read

Proof-reading is the best way to eliminate mistakes. You might have made some wrong sentences, grammatical mistakes or you can turn the simple structure sentences to the complex one. Actually proof-reading improves the quality of the article and helps to make effective changes.

  • Always use catchy words

It is a difficult task to come up with creative words and maintain a flow in the article. When you want to become a creative writer, you must be possessive of the skills, which provoke both creative writings and maintain a flow in your writing.  Always remember that you are writing down a marketing content, therefore, a person must be attracted towards your website, when he reads your content.

  • Ensure that content is optimized

When content is written, it becomes necessary to make it optimized. Optimized means ready to be published on any website. When you try to produce a piece of writing, it should be written in such a way, that every big website must be willing to post it. If your content is being published on any big website, it means that it is optimized. In addition, a keyword should be intelligently placed so a reader should read it in flow.

  • Make use of high-quality images

When you are aiming to attract a large audience for your creative piece, you must make use of high-quality images. When high quality and HD pictures are used in an article, it becomes easier to attract an audience, and ultimately result in increased traffic. A 500 words article should contain at least 2-3 images and vice versa.

  • Ensure a good readability score

Many readability scores measuring tools are available on the internet, which can assist you in getting your readability score. Content support with unique words, short sentences, a low number of passive sentences and intelligent use of keywords would generate more traffic. A good readability score would be very beneficial for generating traffic and to ensure that the website is ranked up in a score.

Based on the recommendations presented above, I would like to conclude that most of the content writers are successful when they write quality content. However, quality content depends on three factors, readability, word selection and flow in the sentences. Keep on polishing your writing skills every time as it is not a thing to learn but a process that never ends. You learn a new thing every day and enhance your knowledge. Remember more pool of effective words you have more you can do better in this. If you think writing is fun than you are perfect for it. Keep on revising and improving it through practice.

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