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How Doctors can use an Innovative Approach to Solve India’s Heath care Crisis

India has been facing the health care problem for a really long time now. Time and again we have seen how the health care system has deteriorated with the rapidly increasing population and a dearth of doctors and infrastructure for proper healthcare system.

The problem is real; there is one doctor for near about 700 patients. Moreover, the doctors practicing modern medicine or allopathic treatment is even less. In such situations doctor loan comes handy in a way.

Although to overcome these problems, first we have to recognise the problems. The dearth of doctors, lack of infrastructure and the lack of awareness, all these make the crisis even problematic.

Doctors can use innovative approach to reach out to the unattended larger population and resolve the crisis in the country. With the help of a doctor loan at a good doctor loan interest rate, medical practitioners can get easy finance to fund the various capital requisites.

Some of these approaches can be:

Using Electronic Heath Record Solutions:

If the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions are put into practice, it will make a lot of difference in a positive manner. It will improve the safety of the patient and care of the patient. It will also enhance the efficiency and productivity of the system. In India, the patient records are very poorly maintained. When a patient is transferred from one hospital to other, the only record that is available is the discharge summary.

If EHR is implemented, doctors can access the entire medical history of the patient. This will further help the patient as it will cut down a lot of cost for new tests. This improvisation will cut down a lot of out of pocket expenses which lands up to 62% of health care cost in the country. Setting up an EHR solution will cost something about 10-45 Lakh INR and the availability of doctor loan can easily facilitate the system since the doctor loan interest rate is also very practical.

Medical Apps:

The increasing technological development and the influence of smart phones literally brought everything under the fingertips. This can stand as a huge opportunity for doctors to develop their own applications to reach out to the patients. With changing time and technological advancement, doctors might as well be able to track patients and examine their reports via special applications.

The development cost of these applications depends on certain factors that the app has to contain. The cost might range from 3-20 lakh INR and the availability of good doctor loan at amazing doctor loan interest rate will make it even easier.

Digitally Engaging Patients:

All the above solutions can be implemented only if the doctors can engage the patients digitally. The digital technological advancement has a lot of perks which can bring people under one digital umbrella. It not only helps the patients to connect with doctors at any corner of the country but also keeps the doctors updated about new medicines.

Research suggests that 6 out of 10 doctors use technology like emails to connect with their patients. This boon just makes it a bit easier for the doctors since the communication is good.

All these simple solutions if implemented by the doctors, the health care crisis of India can be solved at a fast pace. Doctor loans can really help in implementation of these solutions.

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