How to choose a sofa for your living room?

How to choose a sofa for your living room?

The sofa is one of the centerpieces of your living room; it accompanies you, often, for several years. You use it daily, whether you want to relax after a day’s work, meet up with your family or entertain your friends. It is therefore essential to choose it with the utmost care. Above all, ask yourself the right questions. What dimensions? What form? What configuration? What style? Which coating? What color? These parameters are indispensable in the purchase of your future sofa.

First, I advise you to buy in-store rather than online. You can try it before you buy it, touch its coating, feel its level of comfort, etc. Of course, the choice of your sofa depends primarily on your tastes.

The shape and size

Before you start, take steps to determine how much space you have to place your sofa. Know that in showrooms, the sofa always looks smaller than its actual size.

Then, you will have to decide on its location in the room, you prefer to place it against a wall or in the center of the room? It is best to leave a space between the wall and the sofa, so always leave an extra margin in your measurements. And the most important question is how many places you want. The shape depends on your tastes and today, several choices are available to you.

The configuration

Best sofa right? A corner sofa? The most important thing is to keep good traffic in your living room. So do not have your legs stuck to the coffee table because it is very unpleasant and frustrating. Do you have a small lounge? Opt for a 2-seater sofa with an armchair. Large lounge? You can afford several configurations; either a sofa set 3 places and 2 seats or a corner sofa if the configuration of your living room can place it in a corner. One often overlooked criterion is to check if the sofa will go through the front door or through the window. If you live upstairs, will he be able to turn on the stairs or enter the elevator?

The modular sofa is also a good choice for any type of living room; you can add one or more parts as time goes by. He can accompany you for several years even if you decide to move.

The coating

Here, everything is about budget and taste. Each subject has its advantages and disadvantages.

The leather

Easy to maintain especially if you tend to spill or drop food, a blow of sponge enough to erase this awkwardness. The leather sofa & lounges have the advantage of aging well and you will get a nice patina over the years. Very resistant, it does not attract dust, animal hair and mites do not slip. The leather does not retain the smell of cooking or cigarettes. The disadvantage is its price and fragility in front of the claws of animals. Finally, it must be fed regularly

The imitation leather

Good compromise, less expensive than leather, it is the easiest maintenance.

Nubuck and suede

Extremely resistant. The tasks are sanded with sandpaper. Unbuckle or suede sofas can have natural defects related to the skin of the animal. The disadvantage of these materials is their fragility in the face of animal claws and light.

The fabric

It has a soft touch and is much warmer than leather. Its price is attractive and you can choose from hundreds of colors.

The cotton

It is not expensive and does not attract dust but it must be offered anti-stain treatment. Its disadvantage is its low resistance to time.


Very soft to the touch and you have a wide range of colors. It has a double tone depending on the inclination of the hair and the reception of light. The contrast is always aesthetic because it attracts and reflects the light. The disadvantage is its price; the velvet sofa also attracts the dust and hair of our 4-legged animals.

Regardless of the choice of covering, the ideal is the removable sofa that allows you to wash your envelope or replace it if you want to change the atmosphere of your living room.

The use

The most important criteria were chosen. Now know that you cannot afford everything! And yes, if you have children, forget the white linen sofa. The most are to invest in an anti-stain maintenance product. Your pet, you love it but it’s scratching everywhere? Do not get into buying a beautiful, expensive leather sofa … Your best friend or a member of yours often comes to sleep at home and you do not have a spare bedroom? Do not hesitate to invest in a sofa bed for the comfort of your guest. This one will be obviously less comfortable than a sofa or a bed. Do you like to be totally lying in your couch? A chaise longue or corner sofa is perfect for you. Some models have storage under the chaise longue,

The seat

Do you prefer a soft seat to snuggle up in front of the television or shut up? The higher the density of the foam and the seat, the softer your sofa will be. If you want a compromise between softness and firmness, the density of the foam is between 25 and 30 kg / m3. HR foam (high resilience) is recommended for the sofa to return to its original shape. When you sit down, your feet should touch the ground and you’re back stuck to the bottom of the seat. Finally, pay attention to the cushions if you hear a “pschitt” when you press it is that the air is empty. For the comfort of the head, bet on fixed or removable headstocks.

The style

Fashion and style is an eternal renewal! If today the trend is Scandinavian or industrial, this may not be the case in a few years. I advise you to focus on comfort style. On the other hand, if you like the change and that you do not intend to keep your sofa more than 5 years maximum, and then opt for a design model at a low price.

The current trends are the Scandinavian style, a fabric sofa with wooden encroachment. The vintage, retro atmosphere is also emerging, meridian velvet or flash colors.

The color

Neutral colors are timeless, black, gray, beige and brown. You can always decorate it with a plaid and some colored cushions … The more the color of your sofa is clear, the messier it is.

A colorful or patterned pattern will highlight your personality in your living room.

The decoration

The sofa determines the decoration of your living room. Indeed, a Chesterfield sofa will not marry with Scandinavian decoration, but industrial. Either you decide to change the decoration or you choose your sofa according to it. The coffee table, the lamp, the TV stands; everything must be associated with a living room in perfect harmony.

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