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How To Have Long And Sleek Curly Hair?

Do you have curly hair and you want them to grow so that you can wear the curly hairstyles for long hair? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place.

Cutting your hair short is easy, but one thing that is not easy is to grow them out. On average, your hair grows about half an inch per month. If you have a pixie cut, it can take up to a year for your hair to grow. Also, when you have curly hair, you don’t realize how far it is grown in length since they are curled up.

But don’t stress, you can still make your short hair grow with the right hair care regime. With these tips, your curly hair will be in top condition as they gain length:

Go easy on heat styling

For most us, a curling wand, blow dryer or a flat iron are a part of the daily hair routine. Heat damage not just ruins the condition of hair but minimizes its growth. It is recommended to cut back on heat styling. As you expose the bare strands to high temperature, this makes the strands lifeless and frizzy. To prevent your hair from getting burned, it is recommended to use a heat protectant product before using a styling tool.

Detangle your hair with your fingers

Did you know that it is during the detangling process your hair fall so much? To avoid this, use a rich hair conditioner that helps with hair detangling. You can also go for a conditioner that contains an oil-based formula so that when your hair is all dried up, they look smooth and slippery. While your hair is wet, use your fingers to work out the knots. Other than using your fingers, you can also use – wide toothed comb. But only use it while your hair is wet.

Reduce the friction

Every time your curly hair is rubbed against rough fabric like a cotton pillowcase or a nubby towel, it makes your hair frizzy and causes them to break. If you want to keep your curls in top condition, it is best to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

Whenever you come out of the shower, don’t rub your hair against a towel instead, use a soft T-shirt and dab the wetness out.

Get regular trims

Regular trims must be a curial part of your hair care regime. Even hair need trimming to grow so no, this is not going to ruin your plan of having long and luxurious curls. Once your goal is achieved, of course, you can adopt any of the curly hairstyles for long hair.  Now you must be wondering how often you should get your curly hair trimmed. Go for a trim after every 6 weeks and make sure the hairstylist knows how to handle curly hair. The whole idea of getting your hair trimmed is to get rid of the split ends and damaged hair so that your hair can grow.

No Hot Water

Regardless of whether it is wavy hair or some other kind of hair, boiling water wash isn’t suggested. Albeit chilly water flush is certifiably not a rich hair washing background, it’s better for your hair. Chilly water closes hair fingernail skin and helps secure in the dampness. The outcome is less crimped and shinier hair. That is what you need the most, isn’t that so?

Use good Conditioner

On the off chance that you truly care about your wavy hair, put resources into a decent conditioner. It is smarter to have a recipe that meets your hair’s requirements consummately. Continue observing the state of your hair and apply the perfect measure of conditioner likewise.

Comb tenderly and effectively

You should utilize a wide tooth search for detangling your hair. This ought to be finished by partitioning your hair into segments. The ideal time to detangle your hair is the point at which they are wet. Brushing isn’t suggested for wavy hair by any stretch of the imagination.

As you pursue this hair-care routine, you will have the capacity to embrace an ever increasing number of in vogue wavy hairdos and display your regular magnificence.

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