How to increase Social Media Engagement? - A guide for Marketers

How to increase Social Media Engagement? – A guide for Marketers

The social media world has been changing time to time with more social platforms leading its way more users are scattered to different channels. Making it possible for the targeted audience to reach your brand you need ‘engagement’. Social media to be the righteous of all for branding, reach out customers and conversion and sales. But how can we engage our customers? Be engaged on your social platform is not that easy, you will not get results with a blink of an eye.

Efforts going into drain! What are you wrong at?

Marketers uses formula like tweeting, updating post on Facebook, sharing massive content but still not get better results. Why is that so? Well, you might be the biggest brand on stores but not on online stores that is you aren’t providing what your users want.

People do not want to hear all about you, they want to see what there life will be better for. So, start your engagement with write what your users want to hear.

The first step to accomplish the results is to be persistent and second of all you need to understand what your audience want from you.

  • Posting at wrong time! Analyse your audience activity

Keep track of your audience is the main key role you need to drill in mind. The best time to post and engage your audience is when you track down and analyse your audience activity. If you know when your audience is available, for instance on Friday their most probably active then you need to reschedule your post and content sharing at the given time. The audience such as students of thesis writers would want a content or relevant post which suits their perspective area. The time they might search on internet would be mostly at night or when they are free from all other work.

  • Be on the same page with your audience

Making engagement is not a one way game, you need not only need to promote yourself but reach out new individuals to be a helping hand. When you get in contact with different people you get to know there work and also help you get more followings. Getting no leads means getting no new groups; no new interaction will result in your name getting down and lost in the black hole.

For instance, you as a beauty product owner probably wouldn’t want to join a forum which is based on fitness tips this is useless you won’t get what you aim for. You want to get bigger you would reach out the relevant platforms to get equal amount of audience.

You can even create your own discussion funnel. Or maybe invite marketing influencers and potential customers will generate positive outcomes, this is the smartest move you might take.

  • Follow up with-Feel free to ask questions

Just like a teacher revive the classroom and make engagement possible through quizzes and healthy Q&A activity. In addition to that, social marketing gurus also engage their audience with discussion such as personality quizzes and what are you up to? It probably makes your followers interested in your brand. These set of question and answers session will help you to gain audience and also make your brand cross over with competitors beforehand.

Marketers’ finds ways to make things genuine for their audience, best dissertation writing services is the platform which helps students to give Q&A sessions for let know of their queries.

  • Video content is the game changer  

Probably the best way of engagement is through visuals. The visualization, colour theme and infographics are such elements which make your page full of audience.

Marketing are showing interest in large use of content extracted from video marketing. This has gain viewership of 100 million per hours that came across from Facebook.

You can take an example of Lowes a popular brand name making waves in their video content marketing. Lowes started off with DIY video content which made massive popularity for its 6 seconds home improvement videos. There vines made them an overnight sensation.

But what made there video so engaging? Probably because of their concise content but relevant material and as it is a store brand which has home décor, home appliances and much more to sale. With that in mind they drive videos which is related to their brand and guide users to get information about how to decorate their home with their product.

  • Use Hashtags wisely

Being a pundit of social media you know what hashtags means for brands, it is the organic way to increase engagement. However, implementing a wise decision is your main agenda. Hashtags may seem to be good option to create reach not only with the current audience but also attract new ones.

Remember while using hashtag for your brand use the one which are trending you would probably doesn’t want your hashtag to be irrelevant or old enough. Having best trending hashtag leads to users finding your content easily.

You can even add on seasonal hashtags that is charismas, thanks giving, mother’s day, children’s day and Halloween can be a good option for creating trends.

Did you know:  creating 10 hashtags on Instagram help reach out more engagement? But adding two hashtags on tweets which are irrelevant make you drop down the user engagement drastically.

Offer giveaway to for audience 

Who would not like to receive something from other, if this something would be free? That would be cherry on the top. Specially, someone like me! People go through those brands who offer free gifts, giveaways, and promotional tactics. Being hosted with giveaway leads to engagement and also obliges them to use your brand and promote brand for social media

There are many ways to make content offering more engaging and boosting audience such as creating a buzz of 50% off on outlets and one + one offer is the best way of appealing your customers.

If we talk about Instagram it shows giveaways such as

  • Like a picture
  • Share the post given
  • Tag 5 friends and make them like our page
  • And 1 winner will lead to gifts vouchers and a gift basket.

This all offers should be able to grab audience and also have to be worth it to reach the final process.

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