How To Prepare Notes For UPSC Examination

Competitive exams are must crack for aspirants to get ranked and secured to further continue their studies in any career field. Aspirants start preparing for the exams from the beginning of 11th grade. It’s not an easy task to prepare for such competitive exams. Even after putting immense effort for completion two years, very few aspirants get selected.

Students take efforts to attend the coaching classes. They prepare notes and follow the guiding rules to prepare competitive exams from Top UPSC coaching classes in Amravati, still, they could not succeed.

It is uneasy to digest the failure after an immense effort. What can be the reasons for it?

While preparing for the competitive exams, the most essential things are following the correct syllabus and preparing notes. Though the best UPSC classes in Amravati provides notes and supervise each individual to prepare the notes, still the aspirants should know to make the right ways to prepare the notes on own.

In this article, here presented are some ways to prepare notes.

First, need to follow some selected strategies while preparing the notes.

  • As you prepare the notes for different subjects, use loose paper sheets to write contents and it can be easily organized and helpful adding more contents to a particular topic.
  • Using different coloured markers for writing headings and sub-headings are helpful in finding the contents easily and shortly as it gets highlighted.
  • It is essential to maintain different files or folders for each subject.
  • It’s advisable to turn the last pages to have a brief look before adding new sheets to the particular file.
  • For optional
  • Collect the best-recommended books by UPSC Classes in Amravati that covers the majority part of the syllabus. It is essential and favourable to complete the course from maximum two books.
  • Make separate sections following the different chapters of the books.
  • Recheck to assure that the complete syllabus is covered.
  • Prepare notes from the particular chapters preferring the recommended books as you start studying the chapters
  • It often happens that you may collect many additional notes from the books other than recommended ones, add a page and write down the updated notes and attached it to the file or folder.

Nagpur UPSC classes are updating their aspirants with additional notes whenever it comes across new contents.

For current affairs

  • Segregate the new, articles and features in different categories such as economics, diplomacy and international relations and science and technology etc.
  • Collect the information on the different categories daily and make the notes accordingly
  • Keep updating the corresponding sections of GS subjects or optional by adding extra leaf paper in between their notes.
  • Reasons for making the notes
  • Aspirants can make the proper and conceptual notes only when he/she understands the topic. It means that he/she has read out the complete chapter and memorized it.
  • Noting down the contents is helpful to memorize it. It further gives the practice to write essays.
  • A set of well-made notes will easily prompt to revise the work without wasting time.
  • While final revision, it covers the most important points from each lesson of every subject.
  • It allows aspirants to focus on the points that are relevant to preparation.

Make the notes user-friendly

  • It is always repeatedly instructed by UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur to note down the contents in simple readable words. It is easily remembered and explained to others.
  • The notes should be brief and selective. To understand any topic is easier compare to remembering the certain points. Therefore, it is essential to make certain points that can be easily summarized
  • Leave the space in between so if required the details can be added later
  • Write the related points
  • Summarize the topic in your own words. It makes easy to understand the contents and memorize it
  • Add your contents with illustrative examples and diagrams to put ideas in a practical context
  • Highlighting and underlining can be much helpful in focusing straight to the important points
  • File the papers carefully. Use some marks or logical system to find them whenever needed.
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