How To Prevent Ransomware Attack on Your Mobile

How To Prevent Ransomware Attack on Your Mobile?

You have read about the ransomware attack on computers and laptops. Yes, there are hundreds of articles on the internet about famous ransomware from the 1990s. But have the ransomware designing minds changed their mind and direction? Are they concentrating on a new device, that is the mobile? The answer is in the positive. What may be the reason? It is a digital age, and many of us opt for mobile payments. So, the transition has happened. Cybercriminals are making a shift from designing ransomware for computers/laptops to mobiles. It is a dangerous situation. In this article, let us focus on how to prevent ransomware attack on your mobile.


How To Prevent Ransomware Attack on Your Mobile?

How Do You Describe Mobile Ransomware?

It is similar to ransomware attacking computers or laptops or any other device.

How Can You Get Affected by Mobile Ransomware?

Cybercriminals use various methods to make you open email attachments on your mobile. So, the ransomware gets downloaded.  Then the files in your device get encrypted. You will receive the message that the phone is locked. You need to pay the ransom amount in cryptocurrency. Then, the cybercriminal will send the key and you can unlock your phone.


Will You Take A Little Information on Famous Mobile Ransomware?

Ransomware has evolved, will evolve. That is the prediction by computer industry experts. Cybercriminals try upon various methods and techniques to invent new forms of ransomware. The first famous ransomware title, you can give to Cryptolocker. It affected computers. In a short while, it also attacked Apple/Android mobiles.

The second famous ransomware title goes to Doublelocker. It spread via third-party apps present in not-so-secure websites. The attack neutralized storage files and demanded ransomware.

The third famous ransomware, you can give to Koler. Like computer ransomware, it spread via a pornographic website. When you downloaded the app, the malware got installed and demanded a ransom.

iPhone Ransomware

So far, the iPhone remained famous as it thwarted cyber attacks. But come May 2014, then the mobile ransomware attack happened in the UK, Australia, and Russia for iPhones.



Even the Android mobiles became prone to ransomware in the same year. More than 80, 000 android phones got attacked by ScarePakage ransomware in 2014.


What Is The Process of Ransomware?

After the malware gets downloaded, you will receive a message on similar words. You stand guilty of watching child porn or child abuse images/videos or sending bulk spam messages. You stand convicted and the law enforcement agency has blocked your mobile. You need to pay a fine of … dollars to remove the block.

Problem of Ransomware

You may have come across many technical problems in mobiles. You need to shut down and then reopen the applications. The mobile will work fine. But, in the case of ransomware, the message does not go and remains on the screen. The only way to regain control of the mobile is by paying the ransom.

Still, there is other famous mobile ransomware titled SimpLocker, LockerPin, etc.


How To Prevent Ransomware Attack On Your Mobile

1. Stay Informed

You read the statement before. Criminals are introducing new types of ransomware on the internet. They use codes of older ransomware to design a new program. But they always try to use the old way of spreading malware.

2.How To Prevent Ransomware Attack – Install Security Patches

There are times, when you, by accident, open a forbidden website. And then the advertisement starts. By attractive images and videos on the Home page, the message comes – download the app. If you download the malware, then you may end up paying the ransom. It is better to check that the security software installed on your mobile/laptop/computer is up-to-date. This prevents you from browsing unwanted websites.

3. How To Prevent Ransomware Attack – Do Not Install Fake Apps

Do not install apps from third party websites. And if you need to download, do so from Google Play or App Store. The reason, both of these stores have the best security programs. Any malware will not survive in this domain. But compare the same to a third party app store. You can find many apps having malware applications hidden in them.

4. How To Prevent Ransomware Attack – Have A Back-up Of All Files

It is mandatory to have a back-up of your files. The act may not only help in times of being held for ransom but also when you lose the mobile. There are chances that the mobile may suffer damage.

5. Proper Mobile Security Software

You need to ensure that the mobile remains in safe protection mode by installing reputed security software.

  • Never grant administrator permission to third-party apps.
  • Make a firm decision to stay away from every porn website.
  • Do not forget to lock the mobile with a strong passcode.
  • Ensure you keep the antivirus software or any application updated.


Cybersecurity experts had already sounded the trumpet. Smartphones will become soft targets for cybercriminals. And they were right. Did you get the same feeling after reading the article? If your mobile becomes locked, it is a personal loss as the device is a treasure house for your confidential information.

Do you have an expensive mobile? Did the manufacturer give a brochure about  certain software applications? or about security measures? Then you need to follow the instructions to the T. For example, you bought an expensive Android mobile phone. Your children use it for playing games. One day, you find that the performance of the device has reduced. You suspect of malware in the mobile. And the antivirus software needs an update. So, the situation needs a skilled mobile repair expert. Where will you find one? If you are in an urban city such as Bangalore, then there is no problem. You can download the app of the company offering online home services in Bangalore. Then search among the profiles for experts skilled in online mobile repair in Bangalore. Place a request and ask the concerned person to come to your home. He will fix the problem, and the mobile will get back to its normal working condition.

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