How to Protect Your Ear from Loud Sound

Ear is one of our important sense of organ which plays a very important role in our daily life. But due to increasing noise pollution, it is very important to protect your ears for healthy hearing. It will prevent you from hearing loss.


So here are the tips which you need to follow to protect your ear from loud sound.

1.Give your ear time to recover.

Researcher have found that your ears need an average of 16 hours of quit to recover from one loud a concert or a clubs,your ear needs time to recover. If you can left outside for five minutes so often in order to let them rest.

2.Turn the volume down.

According to world health organisation 1.1 billion people are at risk for noise induced hearing losses from unsafe use of audio devices.

If you like to enjoy music from headphones or ear can protect your ears by the following 60/60 rule.

Earbuds are especially dangerous,as they fit directly next to the eardrum.if possible,you can use over the ear headphones.

3.Get up and move.

Did you know that exercise is the good for ears? It’s true.cardio exercise like cycling,running or walking gets the blood pumping of all parts of your body,including the ears.this help the ear internally parts stay health and working on maximum potential.

Make sure to stay safe! When cycling always wear helmet.if you fell and hit your head a concussion can harm your hearing,so always wear helmet.

4.Use ear plugs around loud noises.

Approximately 15% Americans have noise induced hearing losses because of loud work or leisure environments.

Clubs,concerts and other noises that force you shout so the persons next to so that persons can you hear voice all create dangerous level of sound. So it is very important to wear high fidelity earplugs while live music and concerts.

5.Using cotton swabs.

It’s common for to use cotton swabs for clean ear,but this is definitely not advisable.a little bit of wax is not good for your ears,it can be harm for yours, but it also important, the ears are self cleaning organs. but stop wax and other harmful particle from entering the canal and inserting anything inside your ear canal risk damaging sensitive organs like your drum. the best solution always to seek a professional opinion and care when possible.

6.Keep your ears dry.

You can also ensure that your ears stay dry healthy by using custom fit-swimmers’ earplugs which block water from entering the ear canal. they are great for adults,kids and if any issues will be create then make a appointment with your local hearing health professional to get fitted.

7.For industrial worker.

Wearing high quality industrial plugs or earmuffs helps protect your ear or your hearing.


Avoid loud environments-you don’t have to be musician or jackhammer to experience hearing loss on the job.while concerts and construction zones are two environment that regularly cause hearing can happen any loud environment around machinery, large vehicles etc. many contractor  require constructions worker to have their hearing test multiple times in each year.while you may or may not do this,protecting your ear and avoid the intense volume will help in noise protection.

8.Wear noise cancelling headphones.

Many workers puts iPods and other music devices to drown out the sounds of background noise.Instead of cranking up your favourite tunes to dangerous levels, wear noise cancelling earplugs.this reduce the  noise pollution without exposing your ears to additional strain.

9.Quit smoking and keep your blood sugar in check.

Smoking doesn’t damage your breathing,lungs and hearts. It literally suffocates cells throughout your body including those inside your ear canal.if you smoke, get your blood sugar level check regularly by your doctor to address any imbalance as it can be very damaging for your ears.Do take an expert’s advice by visiting a hearing cleaning near you.


Hope, the articles, help you prevent hearing loss. Thanks for reading.

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