How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive Get Instant Solution

A pen drive is a movable Worldwide Serial Bus. Pen drive used for storing and transferring images audio, multimedia, video, and files from a laptop or PC. As long as the system has a USB port, and the pen drive is compatible with the operating system, it should be simple to transfer the data from the one device to another device. The drive acquires its name from the fact that many have a retractable port connector like a ballpoint pen, and they are small enough to fit into a pocket. Other names include USB flash drive, thumb drive, and jump drive.

Some Common Reason Behind Data Loss

Here I will tell you some common reasons that may cause data loss. Here we will know some possible reason behind data loss. Some reasons I mentioned below:

  • Accidentally deleted files and folders from pen drive
  • Files were deleted by malware or virus secretly without noticed by users
  • Inappropriate operations such as unplugging pen drive without safely ejecting it and cause data loss
  • Mistakenly format pen drive and remove entire data on the drive
  • Error come about during Cut and Paste procedure and files get lost
  • Repartition pen drive and deletes whole partitions and files
  • The pen drive carries bad sectors and loses access to files
  • The USB drive is empty. Partitions on the drive are deleted, and the pen drive is full of free disk space

Remember These Point After permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive

  • Stop using the device instantly to prevent further damage to lost data. For instance, do not save any new files to the pen drive or access any existing files on the pen drive. That’s because those actions can overwrite deleted data and make them unretrievable.
  • Do not format or reformat the pen drive, as formatting procedure does involve writing actions.
  • Do not generate new files, move data, copy data or anything else on the pen drive.
  • Close whole other applications which might be using the pen drive.
  • If the pen drive is physically damaged, users should contact the professional data recovery center which owns recovery machines to recover data from damaged disks.
  • Carry out pen drive data recovery immediately. Users can use either paid pen drive data recovery software to get back deleted files.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive By Using the Previous Version of Files and Folders

The previous version of the files and folders are generated by windows backup features and users can recover their deleted files and folders. If users never created any backup of their file then users cannot be able to recover their files and folders by using this method.

  • Open Windows Explorer by hitting Start button and choosing Computer.
  • Locate the folder which includes your deleted data. If users do not remember the exact name or location of the folder, Users can search for it using the search box.
  • Right-hit on the folder and choose Properties. Then hit on the tab “Previous Versions”.
  • Finally, users can see a list of the previous version of the folder. Choose the file edition you want to recover and hit on “Restore” button.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive By Using Professional Software

If users can not able to recover their data by using the above method. Then, users can try pen drive data recovery software It has the ability to recover deleted, corrupted, formatted and virus infected data. It is able to recover all types of data like multimedia, audio’s, videos, etc. Pen drive tool supports to recover exFAT, FAT (16, 32) and NTFS formatted. Just follow these steps that I mentioned below:

  1.  Firstly connect the damaged pen drive to your computer or laptop
  2.  Now download the SysTools pen drive data recovery software and install to see the entire drive connected to this laptop considering the external ones. If users do not see the external drive, hit on the Refresh View button.

pen drive1

3. There will be two options available for each drive. To restore data formatted external disk, hit on Formatted Scan option. Otherwise, hit on Scan option.

pen drive2

4. The software will scan and show all items of the drive according to the folder structure. The deleted files and folders will be highlighted in red color.


5. Users can also Search for any specific file, or files of any specific category.
6. Choose entire the files users to need to recover and hit on Save button.
pen drive4

7. Choose the destination location as per your preference and the tool will restore entire the files in the healthy state.

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