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How to fix QuickBooks Overflow Error?

QuickBooks Overflow error happens once one in each of your accounts has exceeded the maximum worth approved to that. you’ll acknowledge this error after you open the Chart of Accounts, the record account reflects the Overflow error rather than the quantity.


Errors cause unwanted delays and hinder workflow. A correct resolution needs proper cause analysis, then an answer should be distributed. To fix this error you can also contact with QuickBooks support team.  


What causes QuickBooks Overflow Error?


  • If the company account balance and fields show a balance bigger than $ 9,999,999,999.99, then it’ll show an Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Your company record has corrupted dealings information
  • When you regenerate One lot of abundance on a bunch item to a different lot of abundance, then you’ll be able to see an overflow error displayed next to the group’s element things.
  • Inventory item with worth is bigger than the number of things.
  • The format you’re repetition from one document doesn’t match the format accepted by QuickBooks.


How to resolve Overflow Error in QuickBooks?


Solution 1- The balance or another account field is simply too giant.


  • You need to hold out the fundamental information injury troubleshooting steps
  • Create a conveyable company file then restore it to a ‘New Working’
  • The next factor is to verify the ‘Chart of Accounts.’ to try to so:
  • First click Chart of Accounts
  • From the Lists Menu and therefore the balance of 10,000,000,000,000 or perhaps additional, search the account.
  • Ensure to cut back the ‘Balance of account’ thus it doesn’t reach 10,000,000,000,000.
  • If the problem remains there, then attend the consequent step.
  • Memorized Reports
  • Go to the reports Menu and run the report, if you see an overflow on the memorized report
  • If the new report doesn’t mirror Overflow, then Delete and recreate the Memorized report.
  • If the new report includes Overflow, then proceed to consequent steps
  • Search all lists for all the fields that have a quantity or a complete.
  • Include the ‘Inactive items’ as you undergo the lists.
  • Go to the Lists and Tap on Add/ Edit multiple list entries.
  • Now customize columns any field that holds a quantity for example- Credit limit, price, & cost.
  • Now check for the ‘Overflow’ than endure Edit, Change, or delete the number
  • Check all the Lists
  • For the newer versions of QuickBooks click ‘Search search for Overflow’
  • Look for ‘List elements’ then search for transactions
  • Once you have got altered the amounts within the Company file, then run ‘Verify’ till the message disappears.


Solution 2– The Damaged transactions


Damaged Transactions may also be the rationale behind the problem. If they need to be created the problem then follow the below steps.


  • Run reports like the money Statements, Sales by a client, The client group action detail, sales by item kind, and a number of other reports till you sight the overflow.
  • You need to QuickZoom on the overflow till you get to the ‘transaction ’
  • Finally, fix these transactions.


Solution 3- Rebuild Data File


  • Firstly, visit the file menu and click on utilities.
  • Next, choose to reconstruct knowledge
  • If you get a warning message to back up the corporate file – Click OK
  • The computer may show a message speech – QuickBooks not responding.
  • Wait for the message – ‘Rebuild is complete.’ Once it seems, then click OK.


Solution 4- Only one item is ‘Overflowing’.


  • If you’ve got new item overflowing, then delete the item and recreate it.
  • If it’s a recent item:
    1. You need to audit the item & correct dealing that’s creating associate overflow
    2. In case you can not realize the dealing then, enter ‘adjust amount /value reachable document to regulate the typical value.


Solution 5- Export the problem-creating file to MS Excel to catch the overflow.


  • Firstly, show columns by year/ month, however still the Overflow rows may not return on the report.
  • Export your lists to the desktop
  • Next Minimize QuickBooks
  • Next right- click on the ‘export ’
  • Now, choose ‘Open with,’ and click on MS stand out
  • Next press and hold CTRL+ F
  • Now sort ‘Overflow’ and press ‘Find Next’
  • Now correct data for the sector within the Account, name or item that has contains it so switch back to QuickBooks
  • You can continue this method till there no additional results & switch back to stand out.


Hopefully, with the above-provided solutions, QuickBooks Overflow Error was with success far from your desktop. guarantee to follow the steps carefully to mend the error. If out of the blue Overflow error continues to be unresolved, and the more things to know See Our Blog Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool.

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