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The Rudiments of Education Writing | An Overview

Every university requires the student to write assignments and essays. This can relatively be a difficult task because it’s a very long process that it involves a broadened research and analysis of the available material. Every educational institute has its own rules and conventions for the work but before that, it’s just a basic procedure. The following tips are some of the most imperative and basic things to remember when you are about to start preparing your assignment:

Understanding the process

Writing is a whole process that has different stages. The first stage is called the pre-writing which basically requires you to outline and gather all your ideas in one place. The second stage involves planning. Planning in writing refers to how you are going to address each idea and give structure to your whole paper. Planning should be given a considerable amount of time because if something goes wrong in this stage, then this will have an effect on the whole paper. The third stage is drafting. Drafting is presenting a preliminary version of the document. After presenting the draft, you might see some changes that are needed so you edit it. That’s the fourth stage of the process. The final stage is proofreading after you have written and edited everything. These stages can overlap with each other and they need to be done smoothly.

Figure out who you are referring to

When you recognize writing as a process, you know that it also has an audience. It’s essential to figure out who are you presenting your assignment too. Is it just for your classmates or is it just for your professor? Your audience defines the terminologies and explanations you are going to use. Moreover, you need to reflect on the purpose of presenting it. Is your purpose to persuade your audience or is it to argue with their idea? Your purpose can also include just reflecting on your ideas.

Working on the thesis statement

A thesis is an important part of the assignment as it is enclosed in the beginning. A thesis statement is basically a clear and short summary of the main point of your whole paper or essay. A thesis statement should include the purpose and your perspective, as well as a road map for the rest of the research that you have conducted.

§ Appropriate use of academic tone

Besides, structured research, the second thing that matters the most is an appropriate use of the academic tone. Academic writing does not contain the second person. It does not include words like you, your, yourself or yourselves etc. Addressing the reader directly shows an informal tone. You should also avoid using any slang or conversational terms.

Aware of citation styles

Similarly, when the process begins, one should be aware of the conventions of APA, MLA or whatever the citation style that your professor requires. If you want to use the same exact words of a source, then make sure to cite the sources as well. You can take help from some of the best services like the cheap essay writing service UK to assist you with the correct referencing styles.

Use transitions

Transition words are words that are used to connect the reader from one idea to another. It prevents sudden mental leaps between the sentences. It’s essential to use these words so that the reader understands your content easily and does not get confused anywhere.

Topic sentence

Every starting sentence of each paragraph in your assignment should tell the readers what the whole paragraph is about. The other sentences in the paragraph should support that idea. Each paragraph should only have one or two main ideas and not more than that.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the tips to remember when you have a task to submit to your professor. It involves recognizing the fundamental structure to of taking care of little things like the words and the tone you have used.

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