Smart ways to Protect your Building from an Electric Fire

Being a landlord isn’t only about making money by having tenets in your place. To have these tenants you have to make sure that things are perfect In your building. It’s your moral duty to ensure the safety of your tenets before letting them in. The most important criteria which needs the landlord attention is electric safety. In UK around 4000 electricity related accidents take place every year. To make sure that no such accident is happening in your building think of ways to avoid such misfortunes.

There are strict laws in UK which must be followed. UK laws stress a lot on the safety of tenets. It is imperative for landlords to make sure that all the electrical installations like light fittings and socket are safe before tenets move in. In case landlords provide any electrical appliance to the tenets first they need to ensure that the appliance is working properly and is not unsafe.

UK law is all about the safety of tenets. In case the landlord is found guilty in causing injury or death to the tenets by means of unsafe electrical installations they face severe consequences. For instance.

They will pay the hefty fine of £5000.

They can have a six month jail time.

They will face criminal charges.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and the easiest way to be safe is by acquiring the landlord safety certificates in UK.

What is Electrical safety Certificate?

It is a document which is issued by top electricians. Through this document an inspection is carried out in Landlord’s place to ensure that all the electrical appliances are working properly. It’s not a legal requirement in UK to have electrical safety certificate but it’s highly recommended for landlords. Through the document an inspection is carried out which discovers the faults in electrical circuits and appliances. The inspection team also check if earthing has been properly carried out, if the circuits are working properly or if the appliances are working well or not.

The inspection team after finding electrical faults ensure that all the faults are resolved by top electricians. Once the faults are resolved, a document is issued which states that electrically the landlord’s place is safe for tenets.

It’s best for landlords if they acquire the electrical safety certificate in UK. In case they don’t feel like they need one then strict security electrical measures should be observed.

It is imperative for landlords to ensure that the wiring system is up to date. Make sure you have the best and modern wiring installed.

Made in China works in clothing, gadgets and Crockery but when it comes to electrical installations the landlords need to ensure that they get the genuine stuff.

Most Tenants have no idea how the certain electrical appliance works. It’s the responsibility of a landlord to provide a manual along with the appliance to avoid accidents in a property.

Broken plugs are dangerous. It’s the responsibility of landlords to make sure that the tenets are not running into unsafe broken plugs and scorched wires.

Make sure you treat the tenets well, after all they come to live with you.

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