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Spiti Valley Trek Guide

Do you know which place is known as the long lost cousin of Ladakh? Yes, it’s none other than Ladakh. Why is that so? Well, the right question should be why not. Sharing similar terrains, culture, tradition, trekking trails, and solitude, Spiti Valley is no less than Ladakh in the majority of the cases. Do you know the highest post office in India is in the abode of Spiti Valley? Yes, that is right. In our Spiti Valley Trek Guide, we will showcase all the necessary information to make the most the “Middle land”.

Spiti Valley Trek starts from Kaza which is accessible by car/bike. From then onwards, your journey to nowhere starts. It maps around 55 km to complete this moderate yet beautiful trek in 5 days in which 42 km is all about trekking.

Which are the significant places you get to cover in Spiti Valley Trek Tour?

From Kaza, Kibber, Langza, Hikkim, Komik to Chemai Lepcha pass, Demul, Lalung, Dhankar, Tabo, the trek ends at Kaza in which you get to witness the barren fields, beautiful hidden waterfalls, divine monasteries, remote villages, and much more than you can imagine. You must have seen the image of a monastery which is enclosed by the snow-clad mountains. That monastery is none other than Key Monastery. If you are shutterbug, you would love to your core. Yes, we can bet on that!

Spiti Valley Trek

What is the best time for Spiti Valley Trek Tour?

With no second thoughts, make sure you plan your Spiti Valley Trek during the months on June and October as the temperature spans around 25 degree Celsius in the daytime and 3-5 Degree Celsius when the sun goes down. Although, if you have a love for snow, you can visit it during the starting of October as you might be blessed with snowfall too. But make sure, you keep three to four days spare in your travel plan if the roads get blocked due to snow. To be true, we wouldn’t mind that as we all know good things don’t come easy. Right?

Is Spiti Safe for travellers?

In you ask us, a safety of a traveller is in their own hands, and the choices they make whether it’s about companies that arrange Spiti Trek Valley Guide or something else. You want to know what are roads condition in Spiti. Right? Frankly, what you should know before visiting Spiti is the roads in the Shire of India – Spiti are rugged and jaggy, narrow and has twisted turn where you might not feel comfortable to drive your Royal Enfield or other bike.

Advice – If you are a pro or experienced driver having great driving skills on hills, then only think to visit Spiti. It is definitely not a place for amaetuer drivers to fancy themselves as they are the pro rider. If you will do this, chances are big you might land yourself in trouble. And we don’t think you would want to get yourself in trouble on a trip to Spiti. Right?

What To Expect More From Spiti Valley?

Spiti Valley is the best place to visit because there are criminal rates that are next to zero. So, it is without a doubt the best place for solo travelling or for women group tour.

Anything Else?

Don’t invite any kind of trouble by indulging in a fight with the locals. Avoid wandering to the places where entry is prohibited. We advise you to go offbeat in Spiti, but warns you to escape from the foolish arguments too! If you do all these things, then Spiti is 100% safe to visit.

What to carry for Spiti Valley Trek?

  • At such heights, skin gets dry very quickly, so we recommend you to carry sunscreen lotions, creams and moisturisers to keep your skin glowing in one of the remotest section of India, Spiti Valley.
  • Carry an ample amount of water and dry or stored food as you won’t find much of an option to buy in Spiti Valley. Again, the reason is the remoteness of this heavenly place.
  • Wear woollen clothes and waterproof shoes to keep yourself in the best condition for the expedition.

Pro Tip: Make sure you reach Manali, a day before the trek starts. You can wander the streets of Manali, visit the divine Hadimba Temple, take a bath in the hot springs of Vashisht Kund, enjoy the scrumptious meals in the cafes of Old Manali and do the shopping of all the necessary things as that won’t be an excellent option to do in Spiti Valley due to the remoteness of the place.

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