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The best tourist attraction spots in UAE that you must visit in 2019

UAE is quite rapidly becoming a tourist spot due to its infrastructure and entertainment centres spread all across Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. People from all over the world travel to dubai especially for a short vacation and and to relax due to its luxurious and amazing spots of travel. If you are planning to visit UAE, following are some of the tourist spots that you cant miss at all.

BurjKhalifa Dubai

BurjKhalifa is nothing uncommon due to its amazing specifications. It is the world’s tallest building and is a skyscraper without any external support. Located in Dubai, BurjKhalifa attracts a lot of tourists and provides them with an astounding experience. No matter through which travel agency you are going, visiting this architectural magic is important.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed mosque is a glorious mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is named after the founder of UAE and the architecture represents Islamic art in all its glory. If you plan on visiting Abu Dhabi, this should be the first stop or if not possible, it must be visited at least once to truly understand the meaning of lavish architecture and creative art.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you are someone who loves history, the newest built museum in Abu Dhabi must be visited once. It takes the visitors through the journey of human evolvement since the beginning. Some of the highly important and historical pieces are showcased in Louvre collected from all across the world and you will truly have one of its kind experience here.

Sharjah Arts Museum

For artists and art lovers, Sharjah Arts Museum is a heaven. It was the most significant museum until the inauguration of Louvre museum. Regardless, it still holds quite a lot of importance due to the collection of mind blowing art pieces of both Arabic and European writers. Emerging artists especially can take interesting inspiration from here and incorporate the mix blend of Arabic art and European art into their own work.

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride

Dubai is not only amazing in sky high views but also refreshing from the waters. The Dubai creek slices through the city and exploring it is a truly amazing experience. If you plan to experience this amazing adventure, it should be done by riding on a dhow. It is a traditional Arabic boat which gives a matchless experience of rowing and boating across the creek.

UAE could easily be the best vacation spot if you want relaxing yet quick trick. There is no such visa problems as well and you can get cheap UAE visa without much difficulties and hassle. Get a break and go on a travel trip to the emirates for a diverse and amazing experience including adventure and lots of fun. The discussed above are some of the best tourist spots in the region but there are many more as well and you can visit all if your stay is longer.

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