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The Importance of Aluminium to the UAE Economy

We can all, definitely, recognize the name Emirates anywhere because of the infamous Emirates airlines or The United Arab Emirates itself but did you know that UAE is the world’s fifth largest primary aluminum producer too? Yes, it’s true and the official name for the producers of UAE Aluminium industry is Emirates Global Aluminium or EGA, which got established in the late 1970’s hasn’t been down-stocked since. It is currently owned by Mubadala Development Company of Abu Dhabi and Investment Corporation of Dubai equally but like any other company, it has two core operating assets namely Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) and Emirates Aluminium (EMAL); providing it with combined production of 2.34 million tons per annum (“TPA”), now  that’s a huge aluminum reserve they are acquiring and of course, like any other developed country, they are indeed using their assets well, for the need of their own people as well as for those present world-wide. Now the catch here is the value-added products as the majority or more-like 90% of the products are exported worldwide creating a good competition in the International Market for Aluminium and hence increasing the export earning in aluminium sector with Asia, North America, and South America and Europe being marked in top of the marketing list. The rest 10% is consumed by the population of UAE in domestic or business purposes.

Talking more about the two core operating assets of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), the incorporate portfolio of DUBAL-EMAL encompasses high-quality aluminium products in particularly four main forms that are listed as follows:

  • Firstly, the ‘Re-melt Ingot’ that is widely used for automotive applications like wheel rims, chassis components, cylinder heads and high purity aluminium for electronics, heat exchangers and aerospace.
  • Then comes the second form ‘Billet’, which is used for construction, industrial, transportation and automotive purposes.
  • Third is the ‘Slab-Ingot’ which can be found in lithographic sheets, food and beverage packaging, and the automotive industry.
  • Last but not the least is the ‘Liquid Metal’; best known for its use in commercial applications like golf clubs, watches and covers of cell phones.

Aluminium Companies in Dubai is vastly appreciated for the services and careers they provide in UAE from dealing with importing, exporting, trading and stockiest companies. The companies also provide one-stop shops for the growing needs of the perceptive home owners, architects end use customers alongside experts in interior and exterior décor if you are in the mood for decorating your home in aluminium alloys like window planes, bars, doors and much more. Huge companies need immense labor and staff so they offer a wide field for employment to not only the population present in UAE but is widely known for the foreign employees that come across from various countries and other side of the globe in need of work. Allegedly reported, there are above seven thousand employees working only in Emirates Global Aluminium, let alone the rest. If you think this is impressive then there is more; some of these companies also lead in the market for the supply for Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, Aluminum Fabricated products, Aluminium Accessories & Building Glasses. Talking about Companies in Dubai dealing with Aluminium and its varieties, the five best known aluminium fabricators currently known in the leading market are:

  1. Fajr Al Madina Aluminium & Glass Co
  2. Alba Tower Aluminum Factory LLC
  3. East Coast Aluminium & Glass Est
  4. Al Arabi Aluminium & Rolling Shutters Manufacturing
  5. Al Abbar Aluminium

The above listed companies provide with a variety of products made in aluminium, aluminates and bauxite for e.g., doors, windows, golf clubs, watches and many more things like these. They will not only provide the best quality products but also an amazing service that will not only be of service to delivery but also installation, expert advice, repair and replace if it gets damaged. These companies, indeed, take care of their customer-relationship management policies very seriously and, boy, does all of this pay them off well. We certainly know now the reason for their successive Aluminium sector and the rapidly growing industry. Reportedly, as the aluminium industry and its reservoirs are expanding in UAE, The Emirates Global Aluminium is enlarging its boundaries towards the Persian Gulf Region by the name of Gulf Aluminum Council (“GAC”), which represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industries.

Aluminium Windows in Dubai can be considered as a great way to add a complimentary style to your living rooms or sunrooms with stylish broad Aluminium borders or pans. In offices, however, aluminium windows are extremely common whether it’d be Dubai or any other part of the world. They not only look sleek and classy but also add an accentuating remark in sophistication and hygiene of the building itself. As we all know, sleekness is the new trending style in almost everything whether it’d be furniture, doors, windows or the overall décor and there is nothing better than adding a touch of aluminium in your décor than to add that overall sleekness and shine. If you have budget and the craving for this particular style, then by all means, go for it and change that interior. Make it glam and shiny!

Aluminium doors in Dubai are as important as aluminium windows in Dubai. If you are changing your windows then why not the doors too? The aluminium doors will definitely add a more impressive commendation in the overall look.

Well, if it were me, then I would have called an expert from one of the renowned aluminium fabricating companies of Dubai and asked for their expert opinions, seeing that they provide with the facility of their experts so why not use it. Their expert opinions are obviously worth listening too and they can provide you with ideas so creative, it will blow your mind. There are specific companies that also work with aluminium and will give you good options but I’d say the listed companies are far better than the most of rest in the market because of obvious reasons like service, customer-relation policies and so on.

Décor is considered as one of the investments that is usually acquired maximum once or twice in one’s lifetime so my advice to you would be to think wisely and listen to the advices of the experts of the companies and choose a classy décor that will leave all your visitors astonished.

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