There’s an app for that – how you can improve content marketing with these apps

Content marketing, as the term suggests is to convey the core messages of an agency to its target audience. The basic drive is to trigger audience behavior, compelling them to get involved with your website and help the company attain its goals. While all of this might sound simple, it comes as a surprise that plenty of complications tag along. Serving the audience needs with high-quality content is an admirable goal for all yet only a few succeed in getting it all right. In the current age, a massive number of developers are operating on behalf of each company to make it reach on top of the grid. It is vital that they take all possible measures to beat others. It also means that they have to become flexible and follow the dynamism of tech as it progresses rapidly.

In case you are a virtual entity and looking to grow your blog traffic, the only way you can achieve tremendous success for your business is to leverage the tools, use various apps and software to enhance the experience of your users. The advancement of smart technology has brought about notable changes in the way we conduct things. Today, we practically have an app for everything. Be it making reservations at the local coffee shop or having your groceries at your doorstep – there is an app for all tasks. As per Smart Insights, 89 percent of the time spent on media is on mobile apps. It opens up new vistas for content creators too. You can now use apps for awesome content creation, automate the distribution of content, have an updated editorial calendar and thus, end up with a competitive content marketing strategy.

Below, we list down some apps that can help you improve, promote and monitor content that drives traffic and leads:


The pocket is an app that helps you register your next big idea. Once you are in the content marketing industry, you can’t stop looking for inspiration that helps you build up amazing content. It can be your prior work, an article to schedule your social feeds or maybe you discovered an influencer who can work for your next promotional pursuit. The problem, however, is that you often come across these items when you are surfing. There is always a possibility that you will lose track and won’t be able to get back to them. For such instances, you need to download the Pocket app. Just save the link in the pocket, and you can view it later when you need.

The internet as we know is very distracting. And if you are willing to make a mark in the competitive age of today, it is vital that you read diverse content to generate wonderful ideas for your blog posts or product promotion.


Another app to facilitate data collection, Evernote helps you jot down those ideas about blog posts and social media updates that you find around. Gone are the days when marketers needed a notepad in their pocket. Now, you can have it all on that smart device.

To add more, this isn’t just an app for compiling texts, but you can work some other meaningful stuff on it as well like saving and syncing the links, checklists, tables, audio recordings, and images. Evernote is not an app where you can write your whole post, but it just allows you to begin with the initial phases of ideation.

An important feature of this app is that it enables you to share notes across multiple devices as well as share them with other collaborators.


While you are working on promoting the content, it is essential to have an insight into stats that your web is generating. If you are willing to make a mark in the digital marketing industry, it is important to measure everything. As Vincent Mifsud, Chief Executive Officer of ScribbleLive says that it is becoming very hard to connect with the audience by using traditional means of marketing. The public is reshaping its perspective and it’s about time that businesses do that too.

Sumall helps you to connect all your social media and e-commerce forums. Once it synchronizes them all, you can now log back to your account, view the analytics, data, charts, and insights of your campaign to see how it’s doing. This app is an absolute blessing for your editorial calendar. You can now make smart decisions, target viable customers and increase organic traffic.


Great content makes you reach optimal levels. It does not only arrive from making way to review forums such as AirG Reviews or Quora, but you also need to make constant efforts to keep it consistent. Hence, inspiring the public is one goal but keeping yourself inspired is also mandatory.

With that said, collaboration with others is what helps you stay on tracks. Now, we have better ways to communicate with the team and reach out with other designers, developers, writers, and even the clients.

Slack brings a simple but effective solution to keep team collaboration in one place. You can chat individually and even in groups. You will always stay in contact with everyone that is present in the content production procedure. You get a notification when someone pings you, speeding up the communication and helps get more things done.

There are plenty of other marketing apps that you can use to boost up your content. It is fundamental in the current times that you use your smartphones as part of your workflow. It helps you stay productive even if you are working on a one-off basis or are out of the office. Content marketing does not bring success overnight. It needs consistent updating and incorporation of fine content. It will eventually grow if you succeed to keep your audience engaged and satisfied.

So, download these apps, look up for more and have an exciting content promotion all the way!

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