Things you need to Know about International Freight

 Inevitably, imports and exports is a lucrative business to get along with. But if you have no idea of what you are doing, it can be costly as well.

What’s the difference between a thriving business selling imported goods and the struggling business that is actually stuck with a warehouse full of imported items that it can’t sell? While shipping your products internationally, there are many things that you need to keep in mind as many procedures are far more complex than for local shipments. When you are dealing with international shipping, there is a lot of customs regulations that have to be followed and tons of paperwork to be sorted out.

Besides figuring out the cost of shipment, you also need to consider the time it’ll take for the shipment to reach different destinations. For international freight, here’re a few important things that you need to be mindful of. So let’s dive in;

Custom Regulations
Customs regulations are inevitably the very first thing to consider when you are sending overseas shipments. Regardless of the shipment medium, all products that are shipped internationally will be required to clear customs. You really need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, usually 2-custom forms; one for the country where you’re sending from and another for the country the consignment is being shipped to.

Custom Fees
When the products are being shipped overseas, the customs department charges some fees. Depending on the product value and the shipment destination, the fee varies significantly. You’ll have to pay more fees in case the product is of high value. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to check the custom fee rates of different countries before sending your consignment.

Shipping Tariff
It’s actually the entity that includes the shipment fee charged by the shipping provider and any other additional freight taxes applicable on some products. Inevitably, you’ll have to check out several shipment providers and their tariff rates as well. Companies that offer shipment to particular countries like the USA are likely to have different prices if compared to the companies providing worldwide shipment.

Time of Transit
While shipping the products internationally, it is imperative to determine the date you want them to be delivered as well as plan your shipment carefully. Since you are dealing with the international shipment, there are too many chances of your shipment getting delayed. The option of overnight delivery might not be available at all for some regions. Depending on what you send, the custom clearance will also take a long time as well. So just make sure you prepare accordingly.

Medium of Transportation
Another critical factor that must be considered is the medium of shipment that you want to use, which would either be sea or air freight. When it comes to the shipment mediums, there are three things you need to be mindful of; time, cost & product. If you want to get along with the air freight, it’s the fastest but an expensive one.

On the other hand, Sea freight is quite affordable but will take more time. In case you are dealing with the delicate items, you would be better off with the air cargo as the sea shipment is not considered appropriate for such items that won’t endure trips enclosed in cargo containers.

Depending on the country your shipment is sent to, you’ll have to handle the packaging accordingly. It’s imperative for you to label the goods accurately and pack them carefully. In case you are not clear about what you have to do, you can hire a shipping company that can help you out with the packaging as well.

Restricted Items
In some countries, a lot of items are restricted. Therefore, make sure you consider this before you send the shipment. The best practice for international logistics would be first to check the restricted items list of both the countries; where you live & where the shipment is sent to. In case the item you send is on the list of any one of the countries, the custom would simply restrict it for an indefinite period.

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