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Top 5 Security Features to Run a Robust E-commerce Store


The purchase from the online store can be proved risky if the website is not secured up to the required level. There are thousands of such cases where clients details are stolen, they are robbed of their bank accounts, or e-commerce business owners lost their enterprises at very high risk. For the secure working online the e-commerce store need to adopt top security layers over the site to keep it safe from the hackers. The top five security features are mentioned below for the safety of the e-commerce site.

1:) Adoption Of HTTPS Server

The HTTPS server is the top priority of the modern business owners and the old existing online business owners have also shifted their data on the HTPPS servers control for the security concerns. Google has declared the HTTPS server as a standard for the secure and credible site. If the website is not screening a green color secure mark then it is not HTTPS secured server optimization. The ranking of e-commerce site on the SEO is depended on the adoption of HTTPS server.

2:) Secure E-commerce Platforms

It is mandatory to select a secured e-commerce platform for the online business store. Some e-commerce platform provides security servers for the additional management of the company’s data, client information protection, financial information protection etcetera. the e-commerce platform like Shopify hosting and WooCommerce hosting provides the security options for the online stores.

3:) Security Plug-ins

The installation of the security plug-in is the backbone for the safety of the online store. Web hosting services like WordPress provides multiple plug-ins installation opportunities for safety. These plug-ins work like the extra layers of protection from the hackers and stealing information. Financial transactions details, clients credit cards information, and the client’s personal details etcetera are all managed via the installation of security plug-ins. These security plug-ins work like an extra shield for the protection of an e-commerce store.

4:) Secure Admin Panel

Securing the admin panel is necessary to prevent access to hackers. The lack of security on admin panel can put your whole website on risk and you can lose the control over your own website. Thus, it is recommended to alter the username on the admin panel, change the password on admin panel and also change the admin pathway for the accessibility. These three steps will improve the security conditions of the online store.

5:) Back up Data Plan

The storage of a company’s data is vital for the smooth running of all the functions. The loss of important data can put the company’s growth and credibility on high risk. Some companies use manual methods for the backup of data that is after six months. There are chances of inappropriate manual backup plan or forgetfulness by the company. Thus, the automated backup plan is suggested by the expert so that important data can be operated without delay or inconvenience.

These security measures are essential to adopt for the successful prevention of e-commerce sites from hackers.

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