Top Signs That You Are On the Verge Of Losing Your Job

Well, in this world of ours, there is a huge shortage of guarantees, especially in the private job sector where there is nothing in the name of job stability. Not going well with the manager, something tense is going between you and the boss, your work is being observer a bit much, well chances are that your company might be planning to say you goodbye permanently.  Yes, you could take some steps in order to stop it from happening, but for that, you have to first recognise whether the dark cloud is actually hovering over you or not.

You cannot be 100% sure that the sudden change in your employer behaviour means that he is planning to fire you.  But, there are some obvious signals and reactions that if combined together will point out only to a single conclusion i.e. you getting unemployed. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some top signs that could be a strong indicator that you might lose your job very soon. So, let us see them one by one.

Signs that unemployment is knocking the door

  • Your work is not your work anymore

The first and the most obvious sign is that if all of a sudden, the projects and work that you have been doing from the past few months or years is now being redistributed to others. The management will tell you that they are doing in order to relieve some burden from you. However, if you really think that there was nothing in the name of burden and you have been handling the project all alone and that too in perfection, then the management is slowly snatching away the work from you. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get enough time to save money, then you can knock the doors of the lenders. As you will be unemployed, going for loans on benefits would be ideal for you as you could be offered a lower interest rate.

  • You don’t attend meetings like before

A few months back you were the first person whom the manager used to inform about the meeting, but now things have changed drastically. You are no longer the meeting attendants anymore and the boss barely calls you when conducting a meeting. It is quite obvious that the employer no longer considers you as an active member of the company. Well, this can be really upsetting and demoralizing at the same time, but there is nothing you can do if the management has already made up their mind. If there is even a small ray of hope that you can convince the management that you deserve the post, you should go for it.

  • The company has suffered a huge loss

Well, it is not always the employee who is the reason for getting fired; sometimes it’s the company as well. From the past few years, the growth rate of your company is touching the negative slope and there have been talks of reduction in salaries and staff as well. If this is the case, then there is nothing you can do much and you should start giving interviews where you can find a suitable and stable job. While looking for a new job, search for the company that has been in the industry for quite a long time that looks promising and that that has been flourishing well in the market.

  • You have no clue what you are doing now

In just a span of a few weeks, your entire work just changed. Earlier, you were handling the crucial part of the business, but now you are performing menial tasks that have nothing to do with the company’s result. You no longer are considered when needed for ideas and it’s like you have been pulled away from the front line and dragged to work behind the scenes where your contribution towards the company will be minimum. And before the bad time arrives, it is better that you keep yourself financially secure. Finance will be the biggest challenge so be prepared and after unemployment, your credit score is going to take a heavy hit, so keep searching for all the option.  There are few lenders in the market who specialise in doorstep loans with no credit checks.

Wrapping up, these were the major signs that indicate your job is on the stake and if you are experiencing the majority of them, then you know what you need to do now

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