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5 Best Measures to Improve User Engagement on a Website

Websites are highly dependent on search engines and if a website does not rank higher on the existing search engines then it has no presence at all. The best resort to gaining high rankings is through quality content that drives user engagement. Now if you have already found free web hosting in Pakistan for your website, the next is to know all the right tips to measure your website’s user engagement and improve it.

1:) Higher rankings and website traffic

You should know the correlation with website traffic and high rankings or else it will become difficult to generate traffic towards your website. Blog website tends to get more traffic than other sites as they contain pictures, frequent content and other aspects of visual information that are bound to drive traffic towards a website. Just know that your website should contain content that is of utmost use to your users or else it becomes difficult to get high rankings.

2:) Website bounce rate and views

If your website has a specific amount of active users then Google frequently tracks those numbers. Google always need to know who your website’s active users are or else it will not be able to generate the desired user engagement metrics as it is supposed to. If a specific term is being searched for often then Google adds it to the list of frequent searches. Just make sure the website does not have a higher bounce rate as it specifies something is wrong with your website. As for a lower bounce rate, it is the exact opposite of it.

3:) Responsive mobile pages for websites

Now is the era of smartphones and with the upsurge of millions of mobile users, websites have to become mobile friendly and responsive for many reasons. However, not every website you see on search engines is mobile friendly. Those that tend to get more traffic but those that do not tend to lose their users with time. You have to keep changing your website and its dynamics. Now that mobile-friendly and responsive websites are popular, you should do the same with your existing websites as well.

4:) Monitor frequent visits to your website

Another essential metric that plays a role in your website performance is related to how many frequent visits does your website get. You should monitor your website’s frequent visits and divide them into different categories such as daily, weekly and monthly. However, you could also lose visitors and not get a single visit over time. One major reason is poor user engagement. If you cannot keep your users engaged then you should look for all the relevant ways you can.

5:) Measure how long users stay

While monitoring frequent visits is essential and it might sound the same as measuring the average time a user spends on your website but both factors are a bit different. You can get a lot of traffic but if the user leaves your web pages after a few seconds or even minutes then it means you are doing something wrong. Find where you are falling short and try to fix it as soon as you can.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips to improve user management. User behavior is the main thing that matter to your business or business website. You did their management in a right way you can achieve your goals (targeted sales)

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