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Want to know Daily Makeup Routine of Victoria Secret Models?

Are you curious enough to know the daily makeup routine done by models of Victoria Secret? Blusheee Fashion is going to tell you how to live the glamorous life of Victoria Secret Models. We not only want to know about their health, but we are so much obsessed to know about their beauty tips and how they manage their daily makeup routine.

Makeup Tips focused more in daily routine by Victoria Secret Models:

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When do you think of Victoria’s Model what comes in mind first? Probably, their attractive and glamorous look. Blusheee Makeup has assembled some basic tips that are focused more in the daily routine of Victoria Secret Models. Skin care is the first step before doing makeup. So, face oil is used first before applying any makeup. Concealer is always tried to be matched with complexion. After Concealer foundation is used. They always apply a double coat of mascara. Cocktail eyeliner is preferred more. Brown Shades are applied more. Lip Stain is used as a primer.

Let’s see the daily makeup routine of some of the Victoria Secret Models.

Victoria Secret Models:

Let’s see how these models carry themselves in their daily routine.

1.  Sara Sampaio:

Sara Sampaio is most famous Victoria Secret Model. Makeup Routine of this model is attractive and simple. She starts her makeup by applying Skin Softener and hydrating serum before Concealer and moisturizer. Then she fills her eyebrows up to the brim with subtle eyeshadow.

This Victoria angel elevates her glance with fine contour and highlighter. In the end, she uses lipstick for the perfect look.

2.  Gigi Hadid:

In daily makeup routine of Gigi Hadid, she takes a start with face foundation for a natural look. After foundation, she applies concealer. Then she uses subtle eyeshadow. Mascara is the most favorite product of her makeup. She can’t go out without applying mascara. She uses a highlighter for the attractive glow. In the end, she uses bold color lipsticks for the glamorous look.

3.  Adriana Lima:

Adriana Lima uses matte foundation but before applying foundation she puts on sunblock first. Then she uses the serum and light moisturizer. For eyeliner, she loves to use eye pencil. According to her mascara is her most favorite makeup product and applies 2-3 coats at a time. She uses red colour lipstick more. For bare face look, she uses shimmer powder by mixing in lotion.

Victoria’s Secret Models avoid to apply a ton of makeup but to stay simple with an elegant and attractive look. Blusheee makeup is surely going to help you out for adopting this makeup routine along with skin care.

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