What are the Electrical Safety Obligations Of The Landlords?

With the growth in real estate business, many people purchased varies properties to earn profit. While being a landlord is the easiest way to earn handsome monthly income but on the other hand, it could be the toughest job. From the legal agreements to the required obligations, you need to deal with your tenants in a very careful manner. To avoid these types of complications, many hire a property manager who fulfils all the legal requirements of the tenants.

In the expensive world, it could be hard to give a huge amount of money to the property manage therefore many landlords consider to deal with all the complications all alone. Being a landlord you are obligated to fulfil the number of certain and safety & health criteria, including the most important one the electrical safety. In the modern world electricity is the new threat to human beings. According to a report, around 40 thousand accidents due to lack of electrical safety occurred in the UK. The 30 deaths every year are due to the lack of electrical safety.

The electrical safety not only ensure the safety of the landlord’s property but also ensure the safety of tenant health and belongings. Electrical safety is the root of complications, if you resolve this by applying the electrical assessments and taking measure steps you will be able to get free from all complications. This blog will let you know about electrical safety obligations and the necessary actions you need to take.

The Basic Law

There are very basic laws that a landlord needs to undertake in order to prevent himself from any future consequences. You should carry out the basic safety check at least once in the 3 days to ensure everything is fine. Unless your property is located in Scotland, it is not mandatory to carry out the daily inspection by a certified electrician. Basic law indicates the following points

  • Every electrical installation should be maintained and safe during the whole tenancy duration.
  • The electrical equipment or appliances provided by the landlord should be safe having minimum CE marking.
  • Inspection of the property for electrical safety should be completely carried out after every five years.

Consequences of Any Negligence 

It is the responsibility of a landlord to acquire the safety check to ensure the safety of the tenants. Whether the tenants are living or using your commercial property, the safety law is almost the same for the landlords. In any circumstances, if a landlord fails to provide the safe electrical appliances, power sockets, electrical system or electrical equipment then he or she may face

  • A heavy penalty starting from 5 thousand pounds
  • Invalidate Property Insurance
  • Six months to 1-year imprisonment
  • A criminal charge in case of any injury or death in the property.

Conducting Safety Check

To get safe from facing the above consequences you can get a commercial electrical inspection certificate by conducting a commercial test by a certified electrician. The test will not only ensure safety but also detect any potential safety risk that can be a threat for you and your tenants.

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