The much-awaited Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019 finally happened and it was all it had promised to be. The focus this time was more on software and services rather than hardware. Apple brought out the best new features in macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. If there ever was a doubt in people’s minds, it has cleared up now. WWDC was all for developers.

So what did Apple actually announce? Read on to find out!


Apple has updated tvOS to support multiple user profiles now. It won’t be a stretch to say that users had been waiting for this feature for a long time. Now each and every user has the freedom to own multiple accounts that will not be affected by family recommendations. This is something that users will definitely want to thank Apple for.


There are various updates as far as watchOS is concerned. First of all, Audiobooks is being renewed, which is awesome. Also, there are updates of the Voice Memos app and Calculator in the new watchOS.

The best news for many users is that Apple’s App Store is also coming to watchOS 6. Apple users and fans will agree that it took a long time coming.

The Activity app is also getting some much-required updates. The app will now calculate nine key metrics and search out trends over the last three months. If your activity is dwindling down, you will start seeing arrows and notifications that will try and get you off your butt and on your feet. If your activity is going up, you will receive a virtual thumbs up from Apple.

Apple also introduced the new Noise app that will detect when you are in a loud or noisy environment. This app is meant to keep a keen watch (see what we did there? watch?) on your hearing and anything that can affect it adversely.

For the ladies out there, Apple is launching a period tracking app by the name of Cycle Tracking. Now women will have all the information related to their cycles right on their wrists. This app will keep track of your cycles, fertility periods, symptoms, and much more throughout the month. You can access this app not just on your Apple Watch but also in the Health app on your iPhone.


Apple’s iOS 13 boasts a 30 percent faster FaceID. Downloads will be 50 percent smaller from the app store, updates will be 60 percent smaller and the App launch speed will be twice as fast. If this is not enough to bring water to your mouth, we don’t know what is.

iOS is finally getting Dark Mode and it really looks nice. Although, it can be said that Apple took its own sweet time catching up with everyone else that is already boasting a Dark Mode.

Another feature that users will enjoy (although we can’t say the same for the listeners) is the new time-synced lyrics in Music for karaoke lovers.

The Maps and Reminders app have been, as Apple put it, “completely reinvented” from the ground up. The Reminders app will use more natural language, keep track of all your important items and tasks. Once you tag a person in your reminder, you will promptly get a reminder at the right time when you’re talking to that person through messages. Maps now has a lot more details than what it previously did. An addition to Maps is the favorites feature that lets you save your favorite hangout spots, home, workplace and anything else that you want to save. This time around, Maps is directly coming into competition with Google Maps.


Apple is adding quite a few privacy features in iOS 13 and they couldn’t have done it at a better time. Privacy is the new black and everyone is worried about it. Thanks to the information available on the internet, everyone knows at least the basics of it. One of the features that Apple has added is the “Allow Just Once” button. This button will grant additional permissions to apps but only once.

More protection has been added to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as background tracking alerts.

There is also the new and cool sign-in look. It’s a brand new login authentication tool that Apple has initiated. It works almost the same as Facebook’s sign-in button that you must have found on a lot of websites and apps. But unlike Facebook, Apple has clearly chosen privacy over anything else. Now with Apple’s new sign-in feature, you can choose to share your personal data and email address with the website you are trying to log into or Apple will generate a random address for you – a unique address for every app and website that you visit – in order to keep your personal details private. For people who are paranoid about their privacy, this feature is a huge benefit.

This is great news for all the people who own Apple products or rent them like laptop rental, iPhone rental or any other technology. More privacy means more security and greater peace of mind.

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