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Which are the Automotive Forgings of Best Forgings?

Forging is the process of shaping a metal or an alloy by applying forces through a press into a dye or tools. Now the process of forging is not something new, it was devised more than 1000 years ago. But today, technology has increased the output, intensity, and scale of forging. To be honest it’s more of an advanced version of the hammer and anvil forging. Today, the use of presses or hammer utilizing high-pressure air, hydraulics, electricity, etc. are used.

Forging is a great way to obtain durable parts for various manufacturing industries. Some of the most commonly hammered out parts are pinion, crown wheel, gear blanks, are-crane-hook and more. Here is a list of different types of forging used by forging companies in India

Automobile Forging-

Automobile forging involves the use of high-quality raw materials to craft automotive components like connecting rods, Torque Rod Bush, crankshaft, control arm, steering knuckle, camshaft and more. Generally, this type of forging uses closed die forging to secure more stability. They make sure that each forge is of high quality and durable under extreme pressure. There is flexibility if a customer is looking to customize any part since it’s just the matter of a new die, it isn’t that much of a problem.

Brass Forging-

One of the most versatile elements with a multitude of applications, brass or copper forging is a popular forging material choice. Brass forging is flexible without the expense of strength, has a thermal conductivity, decent corrosion resistance in salt water, air and more. These abilities make brass forged parts ideal for ships and other industrial uses. Though it’s not sensitive to deformity and withstands hammer forging, it’s still advised to do it with a press.

Aluminum Forging-

Just like another forging, Aluminum forging involves beating out the aluminum alloy into different shapes and parts. Aluminum alloy has its own perks, it is light and easy to forge compared to other elements like steel and iron. The bulk of aluminum forging is done through closed forging. Technology is taking its time to further simplify the procedure and reduce the machining time.

Steel Forging-

Steel is the most reliable metal out there in the world. Forging steel is done just like any other alloy, you heat it, then you beat it. There are 3 major methods to forge steel, first is hot forging method when the element is heated till it gains a temperature between 950 and 1250 degree Celsius. This makes the metal more malleable are requires less hammer power. The next comes warm forging where steel is heated till it achieves a temperature between 750 and 950 degree Celsius, in this case, the metal requires more punch to be shaped. The last is cold forging which is done at room temperature when the metal is heated to 150 degree Celsius, steel is not that flexible in this stage and requires more forming power.

Forging industry in India is blooming to hammer out reliable parts for numerous manufacturing businesses and these were just some examples for the same.

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