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Why you should use legit apps that stream Movies, Cinema & TV Channels

We all smartphone users now enjoying the high speed data with the 4G networks. When the mobile communication system developed much more, there were numerous apps are launched that add more value to the user entertainment. The most categories of apps are the streaming apps. Yes, The movies, tv shows streaming apps are the most of them that is having very market among the smartphone users. Why? The apps gives the real time streaming of tv shows, movies etc. so the user need not to be at home in order to watch their favorite shows. But the real fact is, all the apps providing these services are legal. Absolutely no. There are apps that provide the content that they have no right to stream. But some apps are there, no matter while streaming the content, because they have legal right to stream via the app.

Illegal Movie/Cinema Streaming apps – You should not Use those apps

There are so many apps that you should avoid to install and use with your smartphone. Basically, the movies, TV Shows etc have the copyright. They have the right owners. Without their legal permission, downloading and using the content is punishable. But they can give rights or grand permission legally to some corporates, TV Channels to use their contents. There are so many apps are available like showbox, terrarium tv, Live nettv etc that apps streaming the channels live with their platform. The popularity of such apps are tremendously increased because the smartphone users can be able to watch a lot of channel’s live streaming via the apps without spending any amount of money. You may face legal action while downloading and installing such free streaming apps for TV Shows, Movies etc.

How to identify such Illegal Apps

It is very easy to identify the apps that provide free copyrighted content that is very illegal. The apps that providing free stuffs that is very illegal. To identify such apps, just search the name of the app in google play store. Why?Google play have only the apps that follow the strict rules and regulations of their own. They always not entertain the apps that provide illegal content. They only publish the apps that provide the contents that have the permission from the producer of content. The apps that contains the illegal use of copyrighted content is the strict violation of google play store policy violation. So they did not give the permission to publish the app on playstore.

One of another danger while getting those apps are, the apps may contain malicious code that may take your personal data. But the possibility of having these issue will be low. But for sure, using those apps are illegal.

The same categories of such apps are those apps that give you the permission to download the videos from various sources such as youtube, facebook, instagram, dailymotion etc. The example for such app is very well known app Vidmate, which is also you cannot download from google play store. such type of  apps are also illegal to use. so make sure to use the apps which is legal

Always use legit  apps

It is better to use always legit apps. There  are so many apps are available that  you can download and install. You can use the apps that you are downloaded from google play store. You can also download the app from any other source that app available on playstore or the app have official website.

there are some big brands they are having the rights to stream the movies, tv shows contents via their app like reliance Jio. You can download Jio Cinema app and Jio tv app and use(If you are using Jio SIM) since Jio having the legal rights to use those contents and they give free for their customers using their tariff plans. Jio tv have legal rights to stream the tv channels their app provides. They have bought rights from the channels network in india like sun network, star network, zee network etc. so using the app is very safe and will not be any illegal on that. you can use the apps like sony live, voot app  etc which gives the legal content, but you may become premier pack owner to get more from them. You can even download those apps from out of google play store.

Finally remembering you to always use legit app that also available on google play and the app having official website or if you  should be a premium member (like netflix, amazon prime)to enjoy those contents.

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